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Last Chance BQ.2 - Grand Rapids

Sat September 7, 2019
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Location: Grand Rapids, MI US 49534 Directions
Type: Run Only

Registration opens January 1. 

In 2018, 65% of finishers qualified for Boston!

You should only sign up for this race if you are going to be ready to qualify for Boston. 

A race we designed specifically to give you a shot at getting to Boston in 2020. It’s September 14th and limited to 330 runners.
See our Qualifying times page for qualifying times. THERE IS A 4:30 TIME LIMIT. So beating your BQ time by 5 minutes means you’ll be able to register that Monday for Boston 2020! (Assuming the same registration window as last year--subject to BAA scheduling.) Brought to you by the same team from the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon. As runners, we know how important Boston is to you. And we know what it takes to get there. We’ve been there ourselves, and we’ve helped THOUSANDS of runners get there in our 15 years with the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon. And for 2019, we’re here to help you get there with a race focused completely on getting you to Boston 20120. CONTACT US WITH QUESTIONS donkern1@gmail.com, 616 293 3145

This race is being held in Geneva, Illinois on the same day! It's under different management and on a different registration platform. Don't get confused.

Race Website

Additional race information can be found at http://lastchancebqgr.com/.

Event Time Price Details
7:00AM EDT
342 spots left.
Price increases after May 15, 2019 at 11:59pm EDT
1400 Maynard SW
Grand Rapids, MI US 49534

To get into this event, you need to complete a qualifying race. Qualifying Race Information:

To participate in this race, you are required to enter your qualifying race. Your time must be within the allowable limit for your age/gender and distance/year. You can qualify with a marathon or half marathon. See table below.  (These are qualifying standards for this race only! For Boston Qualifying standards, please click on the link immediately above.)

Last Chance BQ.2 Eligibility Finish Times

Age on 4/20/2019 2017-18 26.2 Men 2017-18 26.2 Women 2019 26.2 Men  2019 26.2 Women
13.1 Men
2018-19 13.1 Women
18-34 3:05:00 3:35:00 3:15:00 3:45:00 1:32:00 1:47:00
35-39 3:10:00 3:40:00 3:20:00 3:50:00 1:35:00 1:50:00
40-44 3:15:00 3:45:00 3:25:00 3:55:00 1:37:00 1:52:00
45-49 3:25:00 3:55:00 3:35:00 4:05:00 1:42:00 1:57:00
50-54 3:30:00 4:00:00 3:40:00 4:10:00 1:45:00 2:00:00
55-59 3:40:00 4:10:00 3:50:00 4:20:00 1:50:00 2:05:00
60-64 3:55:00 4:25:00 4:05:00 4:30:00 1:57:00 2:12:00
65-69 4:10:00 4:30:00 4:20:00 4:30:00 2:05:00 2:15:00
70-74 4:25:00 4:30:00 4:30:00 4:30:00 2:12:00 2:15:00
75+ 4:30:00 4:30:00 4:30:00 4:30:00 2:15:00 2:15:00


AID STATIONS At each aid station, we’ll have water and Gatorade available. There will also be FIVE ELITE WATER BOTTLE TABLES at each aid station. If you have your own water bottles (One bottle for each of the two aid stations) you can leave them at the start BEFORE 6:30am. They’ll be on the tables based on the last digit of your bib number. Numbers ending in 1 or 2 will be on the first table, 3 or 4 on the second table, etc. After the aid station is a “Drop zone” where you can toss your bottle. Our volunteers will then return it to the table before you get there the next time. You’ll pass through each aid station six times. (Aid station locations: near the 1 mile mark and the 3 mile mark.) HAVING YOUR OWN WATER BOTTLES IS TOTALLY OPTIONAL. WE WILL HAVE PLENTY OF WATER AND GATORADE.

AWARDS Finisher medals for all finishers. There are no age group awards--your age group award is you're going to Boston. First place award for first male and first female. 

BICYCLES Runners MAY NOT be accompanied or assisted by bicyclists and will be disqualified if this occurs. This is a full course, and bicycles represent a danger to other racers as well.

COURSE PREVIEW The course will be marked early Friday so it’s easy to follow. If you do the start leg, once around the loop, and the finish leg, it’s about 6 miles.  Come on out and check out the course.

ELITE RUNNERS In case you don’t know what an elite runner looks like in this race, look in the mirror. Yeah. There’s one of them. You and everybody else in this race.

GEAR CHECK is available at the Start/Finish area. We will monitor the area, but gear is left at your own risk.

GU will be available at aid station 1 after the first loop.

MILE MARKERS Every mile is marked! But you kinda thought that would happen anyway, right?

PACKET PICKUP at Fulton Street Pub & Grill, 801 W. Fulton St, Grand Rapids Friday night from 3pm-8pm. At Race site, Saturday morning starting at 5:30am. You will need your ID to pick up your race packet. You must pick up your own race packet.

PACING: We’ll have signs at the starting line. Talk to the people who are shooting for the same times, and plan to work together with them as you work your way into Boston! You may use GPS technology. The first three digits of your race bib correspond to your BQ time, so you can easily find the people you want to pace with. People without a bib should stay off the course. There are lots of people shooting for the same thing you are to pace with.The first three digits of your bib number are your qualifying time. Example: If your qualifying time is 3:30, your bib number will be 330-XX. You will line up with the people with the same qualifying time, where you can work together with others who have the same goal. The object of this race is to get EVERYBODY to Boston, so while there’s competition, there’s also cooperation.

PARKING There is plenty of parking on-site. Get there early and be nice to the parking guys. Don't park in the first row by the restrooms, and don't back into a spot so your trailer hitch is in the middle of the sidewalk.

PASSING Please stay to the right so people can pass you on the left.

START TIME The event starts at 7:00 am. 

TIME LIMIT Time limit is 4.5 hours. However, if you're in your last loop, or your BQ time is longer than that (being "chronologically gifted" and you're still making good progress, you can still finish--we'll be there for you.

TIMING Timing services by Classic Race Management. BIB TIMING CHIPS. DO NOT FOLD YOUR BIB! This is important. We don’t want you to have problems with your timing chip.

WATER BOTTLES To have your special water bottles transported to the aid stations they must be left in the designated boxes NO LATER THAN 6:30 a.m. You will be going by your bottles six times. If you have a “pit crew” person who you would like to refill your bottle for you, that’s OK. He or she will have to hang around the aid stations to watch you come through.


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The course start/finish is at Millennium Park, Meadows Pavilion. Course is USATF Certified MI18031MN. Millennium Meadows Marathon