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OPEN START 9:00 - 11:00 AM-The Blarney Stone & Screaming Banshee Mashup 5k/10k/Half Marathon & Kids Race - Oct. 25 2020

Sun October 25, 2020 Potterville, MI 48876 US Directions

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Additional race information can be found at


515 Alliance Dr.
Potterville, MI US 48876


This is a makeup for Blarney Stone 2020 / St. Patrick's Day race that was postponed/cancelled

36 hours before event.  So now it is a Blarney Stone/Banshee mashup.

Directions to event- Lake Alliance Softball Park

We are mashing together St. Patrick's Day Tshirts and medals with autumn atmosphere and Halloween themes!

Covid Info:

We have been approved for our permit with the following rules.  We've been doing modifications to life for over 6 months now, so let's adhere to these 100% so that we can still have our race but KEEP PEOPLE SAFE!

Our start times are OPEN from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.

We will have a spreadsheet for you to sign up which leg you would like to choose. If you don't choose a week before race day, we will email you with the time segment that was chosen for you.

  • 9:00 a.m. to 9:40 a.m.- all racers- Half marathon please choose this or 2nd leg

  • 9:40 a.m. to 10:20 a.m.all racers- Half marathon please choose this or 1st leg
  • 10:20 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.- 5k, 10k or Kids
  • MASKS- you MUST bring a mask. No, you don't have to run in one, but please when approaching the start line, or when using bathrooms, please WEAR A MASK. Just place it in your pocket or wrap it around your arm when running.
  • Tshirts and medals are St. Patrick's Day/Blarney Stone and will be given to you when you finish the race.


Please show up sometime within the 40 minute time period- PLEASE don't show up on the dot.

If you arrive and see many people ahead of you, stand aside in your car, in the parking lot, on the field.  JUST WAIT.  Don't approach until it looks as if you can approach the start line with proper social distancing of 6+ feet.

We will NOT have pre packet pickup. We will not have bib pickup.  Our permit does not allow for the traditional race lines. Our permit does not allow for congregating in the pavilion post-race (usual post race party).  Your swag will be handed to you when you finish the course.

Instead, TIMES ARE SELF REPORTED.  If you need us to time things for you, we can! Just tell a volunteer at the start line your name, they will look at the clock when you start, and will write it down.  Again, we are not allowed per our permit to have pre-race bib pickup or lines.  We will have a spreadsheet that you can report times on, or you can tell us when you finish what your time was. Because we have open start for 2 hours, the tally will not be done until later that day.

Age group awards will be limited to OVERALL 1st M/F, MASTERS M/F.- $25 AMAZON GIFT CARDS EMAILED.  

VIRTUAL COSTUME CONTEST: Please have fun and DRESS UP!  We will take pictures of those who want to enter the virtual costume contest, and will take a poll afterwards who won. These will be 5 $25 winners , Amazon gift cards emailed.


Can I do this virtually?  Yes, we will mail anyone who wants a packet mailed instead of showing up on race day.  You can report your time on the spreadsheet.

Will you have chip timing? No, our permit agreement does not allow for pre-race lines or registration.  Times will be self-reported, or if you need a volunteer to time for you, just tell us your name before you start and we will put down your start time.  Just tell us the clock time when you finish and we will get your time finalized for you. We'll also have photos of you finishing with the clock in the background, so not to worry or stress.

Do I have to wear a mask when running? No, you do not have to wear a mask when running outdoors! We do require that you bring a mask with you- when you approach the start line as well as when you use the rest rooms, you are required to wear a mask and social distance.  You may take it off when you run.  If you want to run with it, you can.

How can I socially distance? We are breaking this race into a 2 hour start window, broken up into three 40 minute windows.  We are requiring that you wear a mask if you approach the start line, as well as when you use the rest rooms.  The course is outside, along roads and wide trails. If at any time you feel that someone is coming too close, please feel free to walk to the side, or stop until you feel comfortable again. You can adjust your time for this! We want you to be safe, first and foremost.

Here are the course maps:




*An alternative to the half marathon route is to run the 5k route 4 times, plus one additional lap around Lake Alliance. This will not be exact, but you can adjust your time to us accordingly, this option is if you want to stay closer to the park.

Please note that we will have volunteers on the course. But we want you to always be aware of cars and traffic, as the streets are not closed. If a car is not giving you the right of way, please do not be stubborn- let the car win and get off to the side.  It's better to take their license plate and have the police deal with them later.  We care about you but remember this is an open course.

What if it rains? Or some frost? Or is windy? Or beautiful and sunny? Since 2020 has been a dumpster fire, let's hope for NO RAIN.  We've had enough! But any outdoor run is an outdoor run and it's rain or shine. A race is a test of endurance. It's not for the faint of heart and you need to earn that well-deserved and long-awaited medal.  Lake Alliance is beautiful around autumn, let's pray pray pray for sunny autumn weather!

Where is parking? Along the softball field (straight on Lake Alliance and to the right, by the dumpsters), we are blocking off the two small parking lots adjacent and across from the pavilion for volunteers and safety around the start line.

Can I have my family wait in the pavilion for me? We are asking that you please not congregate in the pavilion, per our permit, either during the race or post-race.  Your family is more than welcome to wait along the course in a socially distanced manner. Again, we are complying with our permit and want to keep people safe.

Will we have picture opportunities post race? Yes, we will have someone taking photos of finishers, and we will be hanging the selfie backdrops in the pavilion as well as setting up some Halloween inflatables (weather permitting- remember the winds of last year that toppled them all?).  We ask that you take selfies at the backdrops when properly socially distanced, and do not congregate afterwards. Again, our permit does not allow for pavilion congregating so please take your photos but don't linger.

Will you still have water station and course volunteers? Of course!!! We will have water stations for you (1 for 5k, 3 for 10k and 4-5 for Half Marathon).  We will be there to keep runners safe, as well as the police department.  Volunteers will be set back 6-10 feet and those that man the water station will have the station stocked with water bottles, but will not be touching or handing out directly to runners. All volunteers will be masked and gloved at all times.  Should you need assistance for medical reasons, we have the Benton Twp. fire department and paramedics on site and a mile away from most points on the course.  Please do NOT try to run to volunteers or high five them or not allow them to socially distance. Again, we have been dealing with Covid for 6-7 months now, we all know the drill, please respect their social distance bubble.  Our race is partnered with charity partner Canines for Change, and they will be manning most of the course.

If there is no post-race party, will you still have post-race water and food? YES, your swag bag will include water and goodies to eat.

I am in the half marathon, and I don't want to join one of the first two segments - I want to start at 11:00.  We understand that because the race was originally set for 11:00 a.m. this may upset some half marathoners who want to start late.  Please email us about this.  We would like to try to keep the outer course contained as our volunteers are on the course a lot longer with the 2 hour open start window, plus traffic increases as Sunday afternoon wears on.  If you absolutely insist, we will not stop you, but we urge you to see if it can be worked out. We also offer the following option: you can run the 5k course 4 times, plus one additional lap around Lake Alliance. This will not be an exact half marathon, but we allow you to adjust your time accordingly. It would keep you close to the park.

Can we have fun with these COVID modifications? YOUR JOB IS TO 1) RUN THE RACE (with the rules) 2) HAVE FUN!  We know rules can be stressful, but let me tell you, LAKE ALLIANCE IS BEAUTIFUL!  Get out there, get some exercise, earn a medal and tshirt, DRESS UP!!  Enjoy autumn and the fresh air. Many things have been cancelled, let's appreciate the things we can still do, let's celebrate Halloween and St. Patrick's Day! (In s socially-distanced and compliant manner)










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This race is endorsed by and part of the Michigan Fitness Foundation Challenge. The challenge encourages Michiganders to engage with events that promote physical activity, health and wellness. You will receive a FIT point for every endorsed event you participate in or volunteer for from January 1st until December 31st. Points earn cool swag and a chance to win various prizes! To sign up and learn more click HERE. There is no cost to this challenge.


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