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The Fit & Able Winter Training Team (WTT) offers a wide range of training for elementary school kids through senior masters. All ages, skill levels, and abilities are welcome and encouraged to participate. Younger athletes are strongly encouraged to have their parents stay with the team during practice and racing. We encourage all our members to take part at whatever level they wish to participate, whether its improving their running abilities or just wanting to walk for fitness.

Remember the saying “you reap what you sow” The work you put in now will benefit you later. Trust me! Winter conditioning and off-season training describes what you can do between other sport seasons. While the concept was developed to keep athletes competitive, its also a great way to keep non-athletes in top condition. All athletes not involved with a winter sport or those that want to supplement their conditioning are invited and encouraged to participate. Remember – you will only improve if you are consistently working to improve!

This team is sanctioned by USA Track & Field and requires USATF membership to participate.

What’s Involved

Participants will do many activities that benefit any sport you pursue. Here is what you can expect. Winter conditioning program is about getting better through preparation. We are only given so much talent – our success comes from how we prepare to use those gifts. Individual goals and abilities are the driving force in Winter Training & Conditioning.

Strength Training: Upper body, lower body, and core using some free weights and body weight exercises. This portion will include instruction about proper use of equipment and proper form or technique while lifting. You will be learning functional strength training techniques as well as strengthening individual muscles.

Cardiovascular Conditioning: Distance, speed, and explosion using running, swimming, jumping, climbing, and interval training. Aerobic conditioning will allow you to play hard and long in any sport. This will be achieved through sustained moderate intensity physical activity as listed above. Speed will be addressed through interval training or a high intensity physical activity accompanied by recovery.

Nutrition: While I am not a licensed dietitian/nutritionist I can advise you what I would do or more importantly NOT do to attain optimal results. If you are looking for more detailed professional advice we can direct you to a nutrition expert.

Injury Prevention: With proper medical assessment athletes should participate to their capacity. This will help you maintain existing conditioning while building your strength around your injury. Participants experiencing a set back should be closely monitored by parent and doctor. As with any athletic endeavor, injury can result. Listen to your body and report any anomalies as soon as you experience them.

Flexibility: When athletes are pressed for time – stretching is often set aside. For many athletes this is a mistake. While the literature is still debating the intrinsic value of stretching my experience (almost 40 years!) is that it helps on many levels. We will begin each day with active warm-ups or dynamic stretching followed by brief static stretching. Workouts will end with a flexibility routine. This routine offers the opportunity to do a muscle by muscle assessment of weaknesses and strengths making the athlete focus on the muscle groups engaged during any particular training session. Sometimes it causes reflection on past days’ training usually through discomfort.

Running Team Training: WTT will meet twice a week to run, do core exercises, and flexibility/agility drills. Regular practices will typically be scheduled Sunday afternoons at 2 PM and Wednesday evenings at 5:30 or 6 PM. Times may vary depending on host site. The full season will run from November 14th to January 27th.

NOTE: Practices cancelled due to weather will not be rescheduled; cancellation notifications will be sent an hour before practice. The time and location for each practice will be included in each pre-practice email. 

Holiday Break: Due to holidays there will be no practices on these dates:

  • Thanksgiving: November 21st & 25th
  • Christmas: December 23rd, 26th, and 30th. (There will be a rock climbing option over the holidays - TBA).

Meeting Location Options:

  • Cary Greenways & Parks
  • Taylor Family YMCA
  • Triangle Aquatic Center
  • Athletic Performance Center
  • Triangle Rock Climbing
  • TITLE Boxing
  • Yoga
  • Prue Physical Therapy
  • Active Bodez
  • Athletic Lab

Program Options

The Full Season: $135 per person.

  • Get an additional $10 off per athlete when you sign up two or more family members together

How to Sign Up

Step 1: Sign up to be a member of USA Track & Field. USATF membership is required to participate but is a separate registration and fee. You will need the USATF member number that you will receive for the next step. You can register to become a USAT member here:

  • Annual Adult Membership: $30
  • Annual Youth Membership: $20

Step 2: Sign up to be a member of Team Fit & Able’s Winter Training Team. You can register to become a WTT member here:

NOTE: No Refunds, Transfers, or Exchanges.

If you have questions, please contact Coach Alisa at

We can't wait to see you at practice!

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