The O'Shenanigan Challenge

Fri January 1 - Wed March 17, 2021 Wilmington, NC 28409 US

Sheep Head's Way

41 Miles - 0.5 Mile / Day

The Dingle Peninsula

76 Miles - 1 Mile / Day

Ring of Kerry

122 Miles - 1.6 Miles / Day

Dublin to Dingle

237 Miles - 3.1 Miles / Day

Castles of Ireland

384 - 5 Miles / Day

National Parks of Ireland

583 Miles - 7.6 Miles / Day

Irish Pub Crawl

760 Miles - 10 Miles / Day

Wild Atlantic Way

1700 Miles - 22 Miles / Day

Full Send Racing is excited to bring you the O'Shenanigan Challenge!  Take a Light-hearted and fun -filled Virtual Tour of Ireland while you achieve your fitness goals for 2021. 

As we look toward 2021,  we wish you a rainbow of sunlight, miles and miles of Irish smiles, for golden happy hours, shamrocks at your doorway, for luck and laughter too, and a host of friends, that never ends, each day of the New Year.   

But we know that you are going to need more than sunshine, rainbows, and four leaf clovers to reach your 2021 fitness goals.   In fact, you may even need more than a T-shirt and Medal to reach your fitness goals.   
Here are the 7 ways the O'Shenanigan Challenge is going to help you reach your goals in 2021. 

1.  Did you know it takes 66 days to establish a new habit.  The O'Shenanigan Challenge is 75 days...which is the perfect duration to lock in those new habits as a way of life.   

2. We are going to turn your resolution to "exercise more" into a measurable goal.  
We have 8 goal distances to select from ranging from 1/2 mile a day to 20 miles a day.  When you register select distance that matches your goals.  (We have some pointers on our registration page on how to pick the perfect distance)

3. Measure your Progress. 
Each day you will be logging your exercise miles and tracking your progress on your virtual tour of Ireland. 

4. Make Exercise Convenient. 
Walk, Run, Bike, Hike, Swim, Paddle, Ski or Dance an Irish Jig!  You can log any type of exercise and complete your exercise anywhere and anytime.  

5. Exercise with Friends who encourage you and hold you accountable.  
As part of the O'Shenanigan Challenge you will have access to our private Facebook group.  Join our community of like minded goal setters on your exercise journey.   As an added layer of accountability we encourage you to form a team.  Check in with your teammates, set up a time to work out with your team members if you live close together, challenge and push one another along the way.  

6. Make Exercise FUN!  
At Full Send Racing we love to have FUN!  And we can promise you this challenge will be filled with lots of fun shenanigans! 

7. Reward Yourself
We want you to feel celebrated and rewarded for your hard work.   We want you to pick the swag that you will most enjoy!    We have lowered our registration fee and given you the option to pick your swag.  T-shirts, Hoodies, Pint Glasses, Scarves, Socks.    All participants will receive a shinny, glittery Pot-Of-Gold Finisher Medal!  


Follow the rainbow of the O'Shenanigan Challenge to the Pot of Gold Medal!  Yes!  It is gold, shinny and glittery!  

Pick your Adventure

The O'Shenanigan Challenge is your personal challenge.  Full Send Racing offers the most flexible options to allow you to build the challenge to fit your goals and personal style. 


The O'Shenanigan Challenge is composed of 8 unique tours of Ireland.  Want to see more of Ireland?  Pick as many tours as you would like for only $5 for each added challenge.  You may log all activity types in each tour OR you may separate your activities by tour.   For example, you may log Swim, Bike, Run, Walk and Paddle miles as part of the Irish Pub Crawl.  Or you may decide to Swim the Sheep's Head Way, Run the Ring of Kerry and Ride Dublin to Dingle.   

Sheep’s Head Way - 41 miles (0.5 mile / day)

Dingle Peninsula - 76 miles (1 mile / day)

Ring of Kerry - 122 miles (1.6 miles / day)

Dublin to Dingle - 237 miles (3.1 miles / day)

Castle Tour - 384 miles ( 5 miles / day)

National Parks of Ireland -583 miles (7.6 miles / day)

Irish Pub Crawl - 760 miles (10 miles / day)

Wild Atlantic Way- 1700 miles (22 miles / day)

The Goal of the O'Shenanigan Challenge is to move daily from January 1 - March 17.  This is a personal challenge and not a race so there is no reward for being the first person to finish.  You will want to pick a goal distance that will take you the full 70 days to complete.  (We know there are 76 days in the challenge but allow yourself some lighter days and some days off).  Pointers on Picking Distance.  If you are only doing one activity ex.  only walking or running or biking consider your daily mileage goal and then multiply that by 70.  If you want to mix it up with multiple activities you have two options. The first option is to consider how many miles of each activity you will complete.  For example, if you are going to run, bike and swim but most of your time will be on the bike...pick a longer distance...if you swim more than bike...pick a lower distance.    We often see folks underestimate the distance they can complete.  


Pick Your Swag


Have enough T-shirts to last a lifetime?  Or maybe you can't have enough great T-shirts?  We realize every participant is unique and different and instead of including a T-shirt with your registration we have lowered our registration fee and given you the option to pick your swag.  T-shirts, Hoodies, Pint Glasses, Scarves, Socks.  Add on as much or as little swag as you would like during registration.  This is just a small sample of the options you have to pick from during registration. 


Friends don't let friends SHENANIGAN alone!

We all know that Shenanigans are more fun with more friends!  Gather your friends and and family to form a team!  Share your referral link and earn swag bucks to spend in the Live Full Send Store.  


Kiddos and Fur Babies

We love Kiddos and Fur Babies and would love for them to join in The Shenanigan.  All Kids and Fur Babies under the age of 12 can register for $20.  Discount automatically taken at checkout.  If your puppy is over worries...just adjust their age accordingly.   Fur Babies will get a bandana and dog treat instead of a medal.  If you are registering a fur baby please put Dog/Cat/Hamster etc. as a part of your animals name.  Ex.  Maverick (Dog) Griffin.  

We are excited to have One For the Books as a Charity Partner for the O'Shenanigan Challenge.  For each child and fur baby registered Full Send Racing will donate a children's book to the Freeman Elementary Library.  



Swag Rewards

Got your eyes on the some Shenanigan or Full Send Gear.  Now is your chance to get any of these items FREE!  When you register send your referral link to friends and family.  When they register using your link.  You pick up swag in the Live Full Send Store

5 Referral Registrations =$20 

10 Referral Registrations =$40 

Check out the FAQ page for more information on referral rewards. 

Charity Partners

At Full Send Racing we are committed to making a difference in the communities where we work and play.  

We have the incredible opportunity to work with two charity partners for The O'Shenanigan Challenge: 

Charity #1 - One For the Books

Rachel Freeman School of Engineering is located in Wilmington, NC. Over 95% of students at Freeman are from economically disadvantaged homes. Less than 10% of the students are kindergarten ready when they start school.  Reading is essential in helping  students achieve their goals.  The Freeman library is in much need of current and engaging books.  Many of the current books are tattered and worn from over  20 years in circulation and the content is no longer current or relevant.  Would you consider buying a book to add to the Freeman Library collection.

Charity # 2 - Eden Village

Eden Village of Wilmington will be a 33-unit tiny home community specially designed to provide permanent homes for chronically homeless.   Join the Full Send Racing team as we build a tiny house for a homeless person in Wilmington.  We need $40,000 to make this dream a reality and have already raised $23,000.   Please consider joining us in raising the remaining $17,000.  Any donation amount is needed and appreciated. 

Homelessness is a traumatic experience that forces individuals into constant survival mode. Eden Village gives residents a chance to transition back into a life of consistency and community. The pedestrian only, gated, courtyard community gives residents a chance to share their experiences in a safe environment and receive services from within their own neighborhood. The residents will experience a radical transformation in their lives, which will in turn spread to benefit the community.


Challenge Contact Info

If you have any questions about this Challenge, click the button below.


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