#CompuscoreVirtualChallenge Any City - Any State, NJ 99999 US
Mar 1 - Apr 11

42 Mi - Wildwood to Atlantic City 🎡 (1 mi/d avg)

$45 Get 1  Sleeveless Shirt 👕 and 1 🏅! Run 42 Miles in  6 Weeks /42 days (1 mile/day average)
Mar 1 - Apr 11

105 Mi - Seaside to the Statue of Liberty 🗽(2.5 mi/d avg)

$45 Get 1  Sleeveless Shirt 👕 and 1 🏅! Run 105 Miles in  6 Weeks /42 days (2.5 mile/day average)
Mar 1 - Apr 11

148 Mi - Cape May to Sandy Hook 🏖 (3.5 mi/d avg)

$45 Get 1  Sleeveless Shirt 👕 and 1 🏅! Run 148 Miles in  6 Weeks /42 days (3.5 mile/day average)
Mar 1 - Apr 11

217 Mi - Cape May to the Statue of Liberty 🗽(5 mi/d avg)

$45 Get 1  Sleeveless Shirt 👕 and 1 🏅! Run 217 Miles in  6 Weeks /42 days (5 mile/day average)
Mar 1 - Apr 11

RELAY TEAM EVENT 433 Miles 🎡🗽🏖- (~10 miles/day average) 

$45 Get 1  Sleeveless Shirt 👕 and 1 🏅!  CREATE A TEAM and Run 433 Miles in 6 weeks/42 days together!! Want to run it solo? Create a team of 1 and run it all by yourself!

Your Registration Includes a Huge Custom 3.5 Inch Medal  and a Sleeveless Shirt - Soft Cotton Material

Want Additional Swag? You can choose a hat or a visor for an extra $15


Anywhere you want in the world!
Any City - Any State, NJ US 99999

Let's move into Spring as a true New Jerseyan - down the shore! Let's run on the beach in the next Virtual Challenge.  Sneaker prints in the Sand is a 6 week challenge that will take you along the shore lines starting in either Cape May, Wildwood, or Seaside Heights and ending in places like the Statue of Liberty, Sandy Hook or Atlantic City.  There is a distance for everyone and even our ever popular Relay option so you can run as a team, a family or a workplace!  Get a $10 off referral for every person you get to register with your unique code! Come join us on March 1!

Starts on March 1 - April 11 - 6 weeks,  Distances to choose from:

  • 42 Miles - Wildwood to Atlantic City (1 mile/day average)
  • 105 Miles - Seaside to the Statue of Liberty (2.5 miles/day average)
  • 148 Miles - Cape May to Sandy Hook (3.5 miles/day average)
  • 217 Miles - Cape May to the Statue of Liberty (5 miles/day average)
  • RELAY TEAM 433 Miles - Complete as a team and combine your runs to go from Cape May to the Statue of Liberty and then back again!!  Want to run it solo? Just create a team of 1 and run all 433 miles your self! (~10 miles/day average) .  Relays will be scored by the first team to reach 433 miles and then if multiple teams reach 433 miles at the same time, the tie will be the average pace per mile. 

You will have  6 weeks (42 days) from Mar 1  to complete the total miles by April 11.  You can run or walk anywhere you want, inside or outside as long as you log the miles. You do not have to run or walk each day, you just have to finish the total distance before or by April 11. You will be sent a reminder each day to log your distances as well as daily updates with your location and cumulative distance logged.  You will also see how you place among the other participants daily.

All Participants will receive a Shirt, and Medal in the end of April 2021. All mileage must be submitted into the website to record each day or each time you complete a daily mileage. All Relay participants must register individually and will receive 1 shirt, and medal each.  

**Disclaimer: Please do not run on unsafe roads, or areas that have been closed off to the public.  Practice social distancing and any other requirements set forth by local, state and federal guidelines.  This is a virtual run only, please do not gather as a crowd in any 1 location at the same time.  Shirts and medals will be mailed starting around the end of April. You will only be able to log the total miles for each event.  You will not be able to log additional miles beyond the event distance. 

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Discounts and Referrals!

Referrals Individual Events

When you register for an individual event, you will get a link to distribute and gain referrals.  If you get 5 people to register using your link, you will get a $10 discount.  They must use your link to register or the referral will not count. Spread the word!! 
*Referrals can not be combined with other discounts.

Family Discount Individual Events

Registering 4 or more at once? A $5 discount per person will automatically be applied!  Not Eligible after 2/22/2021 


5 Registrants per team get a $5 discount per person, 10 Registrants per team get a $10 discount per person. Once the 5th and 10th person registers, the previous registrants will get a $5 refund. Not eligible after 2/22/2021

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