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Fit Mix

Thu November 1 - Thu November 29
Location: Rochester, NY US 14626 Directions
Type: Other
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Fit Mix (Thursday Mornings)
9:00AM EDT - 9:45AM EST
Private Residential Studio to Be Disclosed via Private E-mail
Greece, Near Ridge Rd./104 West and North Ave
Rochester, NY US 14626

Looking for something that breaks up your routine? Ready to start an exercise program? Mix it up with a modifiable array of aerobics and strength training exercises, all with low-impact options. It’s only as intense as you make it! Turn it up a notch or dial it back: it’s up to you. Bring a bottle of water and a towel or exercise mat.

Fit Mix is a minimalist workout using body weight exercises and a handful of simple equipment in a four-part format to get get you a mix of aerobic and strength training activities with both solo and partner components. The approach makes 45 minutes fly by!


  1. Warm-up
  2. Solo Challenge
  3. Partnered Stations
  4. Cool-down

Fit Mix provides a variety of movements for a workout that's never 100% the same as the last one and aims to work the whole body during each workout. The program includes weekly group workouts at the instructor's private home studio in Greece.

Thursday Mornings (4), 11/1/18 through 11/29/18, except Thanksgiving on 11/22/18, 9 a.m. through 9:45 a.m.
The program cost is $30, excluding the registration fee. Program participation is limited to five people. 

Important Notes for Participation
The exact location address will be provided via e-mail prior to the first session. Participants should arrive in workout attire and have workout footwear, a water bottle, and workout towel for comfort no more than ten minutes before session start.

Meet the Instructor
Fit Mix is led by Vickey A. Beaver. She is certified by Athletics and Fitness Association of America for Group Exercise Instruction, so you are getting someone who is serious about helping others. Having been an avid walker for years, she got out of the habit of exercising altogether and didn't find her way back to it until mid-2010. Starting with just a couple of miles around a local mall by herself, a year later, she was meeting different friends there and elsewhere five days a week at varying speeds and distances, as they joined her on her training journey to walk the December 2011 Honolulu Marathon. One thing led to another and she has embraced exercise again for very different reasons than when she was first active. Now she enjoys it for how it makes her feel, the community she's become part of, and the short- and long-term health benefits she sees in her health exams and assessments.

Why choose Fit Mix for your training?

  • Small program size means Vickey gets to know you well enough to learn about your goals and needs. It also means she can easily monitor students to ensure they are performing the exercises as intended.
  • Vickey is an experienced walker and runner who has learned from first-hand experience the impact of focusing too narrowly on one discipline, so she can relate to a variety of issues and concerns.
  • It's cost effective. This Fit Mix program comes out to less than $8/week and includes support via Facebook between sessions.

All participants are welcome from people just who are new to exercising to those who've been doing it for years.

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Get a Refund By Referring Friends

Refer one or more participants and get a refund of $2.00 each, max of $18.

Get a Refund By Referring Friends

Refer one or more participants and get a refund of $2.00 each, max of $18.