Ann Arbor + Columbus Run Challenge

Be part of the greatest shared tradition in Michigan / Ohio history - the annual challenge between the Ann Arbor Running Company and the Columbus Running Company.  

Step up to the challenge.  Run for your community.  Support a local cause.  If your community - Ann Arbor or Columbus - wins the challenge, the staff from the losing city's running shop has to dress in their rival's colors, go for a run in public, and document the humiliation.  What could be a better prize?


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How Does the Challenge Work?

Taking part in this storied tradition is simple: 

  1. Register for either Team Ann Arbor or Team Columbus.
  2. Go for one run or walk during the weekend of The Game (Dec 12-13). Log your miles on this site. Each mile that you log will earn your team 1 point.
  3. Fundraise for your community's Ronald McDonald House. You can donate during registration or use the fundraising portal on this site to go big. Each dollar raised earns your team 1 point. Hate fundraising? You can opt out of this piece of the challenge - but your team misses out on easy points!
  4. Wait with bated breath. We're doing something healthy & fundraising, so both communities come out as winners. But in a bigger, more important way, one community will earn bragging rights for the year while the other will face utter shame. We'll announce point totals after the big weekend.

Run or Walk for Team Ann Arbor

When you run for Team Ann Arbor, you'll be supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities of Ann Arbor.

Register for Team Ann Arbor

Run or Walk for Team Columbus

When you run for Team Columbus, you'll be supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio.

Register for Team Columbus

Earn The Shirt

Registrants will receive a limited edition AARC vs CRC long sleeve tech running shirt from Brooks. 



How do points work? 1 mile logged = 1 point. $1 raised = 1 point. Since AARC has 2 locations, we'll divide their total by 2. CRC has 5 locations, so we'll divide their total by 5. This gives us the "points per store." The team with the most points wins.

How do I log my miles? You can chart your miles here from Dec 12-13. You only get to log one run, so make it your longest of the weekend.

How do I fundraise? You can make a donation during registration plus you can optionally set up a fundraising page to collect donations from others.

Who can take part? Anyone! Sign up today!


With 6 big individual prizes on the line, it's time to step up to the challenge! We'll award prizes to one runner or walker from Team Ann Arbor and Team Columbus based on:

  • Most mileage logged
  • Most dollars raised
  • And random drawing!

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