Mon June 7 - Sun August 29, 2021 Sylvania, OH 43560 US

Let’s get back to fun in the sun with Dave’s Summer PR Training program. We are busting out some new and exciting changes to the summer program, besides the ever-so-slight name change. Dave’s Running Shop has been at the forefront of training programs and strives to provide a robust and inclusive program for the running community. It's been a few years since we have had a summer program in Findlay, but we are back and looking forward to some summer fun with the local running community.


This plan is designed for the person who wants to get out the door and start a healthy lifestyle of walking to running with the goal of completing a 5K race by the end. Dave’s Training Program has the coaches, leadership, and support system to keep you motivated and accountable to your personal goals. 


Whether running, walking, or a combination of both, Dave’s Summer PR Program will keep you motivated and ready to race each and every weekend if that’s how you roll. We have listed OPTIONAL races on the training plan to keep you going for the entire 12 weeks with plenty more races out there for you to choose from. Come out and train in a fun atmosphere while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow runners.


Preparing for races is an art form and hitting those PR’s is what it’s all about for this runner. With a structured program and two weekly in-person workouts, you will be running on all cylinders when you toe the line. The Dave’s Summer PR Program has a target goal race with varying distances for you to train and gear toward, all the while knowing that you are getting the most out of your efforts!


You have a busy schedule but still want to stay fit and have accountability for the upcoming race(s). Or you want to see what this running thing is all about but not certain you want to train in a group setting. Or you do not live in the area but want some quality training and feedback to keep you accountable. Dave’s Running Shop offers a full, online training platform that is monitored by Dave’s Training Director and provides you with the same quality coaching that the in-person program receives.


  • 12-Week Training Program
  • 2 Structured In-Person Practices (Monday and Wednesday)
  • Dave’s Summer Training Visor
  • Weekly Informational Email
  • E-Coupon Booklet For In-Store Savings
  • Grouping According to Abilities For Productive Workouts


Mondays—6:00 PM @ Findlay High School Track
Wednesdays—6:00 PM @ Findlay Dave's Running Shop


The Monday track workouts will consist of three varying “speed” sessions that will begin with Threshold pace workouts then move into Interval sessions and finish with Repetition training.

Threshold training allows your body to elevate its lactate and improve upon cardio strength that will help you sustain a hard pace longer for the workload of your race, much like the fartlek sessions but a bit quicker. The purpose of Interval training is to raise your body’s ability to consume and utilize oxygen or VO2 max. The intervals will be quicker than Threshold pace to get you close to 100% max VO2. Lastly, we will finish off the program with Repetition pace workouts that will have you running quicker than your goal pace for brief distances, and the recovery between each bout will be plenty. The purpose behind the Repetition workout is to sharpen your “sprinting” abilities and those fast-twitch muscle fibers that may have been dormant for quite some time over the winter months.

Monday Venue

Findlay High School track


These are considered our “strength” days for the summer training program. The Wednesdays will begin with structured Fartlek runs to build up the necessary cardio strength to race at your goal pace. These sessions will force you to run out of your comfort zone for a set period of time with a brief rest only to take you right back out of your comfort zone again. This will assist in building that cardio “strength” so you can maintain a hard pace for racing.

We will also implement Tempo runs for the same purpose of the fartlek workout.  The difference between the two workout sessions is that the tempo run will have you running for one longer block of time or distance unlike the fartlek, which has multiple, shorter time periods of harder running. 

Wednesday Venue

The program will meet at the Findlay Dave's Running Shop location.

Pre-Run/Walk Event:
  • Self-check temperature for illness before attending and stay home if symptoms are present.
  • All events will be held outdoors and in the open for proper social distancing. 
During Run/Walk Event:
  • Participants will train with their specific group for the duration of the program unless they have contacted the program director for permission to change groups.
Post-Run/Walk Event:
  • Proper social distancing maintained while stretching. 

Dave’s Running Shop will stay in contact with all local health entities to make sure that we stay abreast of all COVID updates and protocols.

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