ORRC 1200 Club

Wed January 1 - Sun March 1, 2020 Beaverton, OR US 97005

ORRC 1200 Club

$0 Registration ends February 29, 2020 at 11:59pm PST
4840 SW Western Ave #200
Beaverton, OR US 97005

ORRC’s free recognition program for any ORRC club member who runs or walks 1,200 miles in one year (averaging about 100/month, or about 25/week). The purpose is meant to be a challenge and motivational tool, and we anticipate about 10% of club members achieving the actual 1200 miles in one year.

Participants who complete 1200 miles in one year receive a jacket the first year, and patches to add to the jacket in subsequent years. You must be a member of ORRC to participate, and be prepared to track your walking and running miles and report them to the club at the end of each month.

Give yourself a challenge and join the 1200 club! Click here to join ORRC if you're not already a member.

Race Contact Info
If you have any questions about this race, please contact the race director at
ORRC 1200 Club

What is it?

The 1200 Club is a recognition program for any club member who runs or walks 1,200 miles in one year (100/month, or about 25/week).
• The year measures January 1 through December 31.
• The purpose is meant to be a challenge that we anticipate about 10% of club members achieve.
• There is no charge but participants must be current ORRC members.
• Anyone who completes 1200 miles in one year receives a jacket, and in subsequent years receives a patch to add to the jacket.


• Participants must enter by March 1st. No more registrations will be accepted after that date
• Each month participants submit their monthly totals to the club coordinator via an online link at http://orrc.net/events/1200-club/ 
• Monthly totals are due no later than one month after the end of the month they are submitting (e.g. February miles are due by the end of March)
• Yearly ongoing totals of all participants will be published in the Oregon Distance Runner (ODR) throughout the year, and are also available to view online at http://orrc.net/events/1200-club/ End of year miles are due no later than January 15th to receive a jacket or patch

What Miles Count?

• Races or training miles
• Running or walking miles

What Miles do NOT count?

• Nothing translated from another sport into miles (e.g. cycling, swimming, or ellipticals)
• Running in the pool
• “Steps” counted on a pedometer during the course of a day that are not part of a standard run or walk (so wearing a pedometer during the day to count up to 10,000 steps does not include steps counted while walking around the office or house)