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Oregon Trail Challenge

Mon January 1 - Tue December 31, 2024 Oregon City, OR 90745 US


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does the challenge work?

A: Run, walk, bike, skate, kayak, skip, row, spin, swim, or some other kind of activity the entire distance of the Oregon Trail. (2,024 Miles for the Solo or Team Wagons, or 202.4 miles for the Mini Wagon)


Q: How does the "mini challenge" work vs the regular challenge?

A: The mini is 202.4 miles instead of 2,024 miles. So every mile you do in the mini, moves you 10 miles on the Oregon Trail. 

That means you only have to do 31.7 miles in the mini challenge to get to checkpoint #1 (Fort Kearny) vs the regular challenge participants who need to log 317 miles. See more about checkpoints below.


Q: Can I switch events (aka from Solo to Mini or Solo to Team?)

A: Yes, you can. Here is a link on how to switch events:

If you are switching to an existing team make sure to select "join existing team", if you are creating a new team choose "create new team". 


Q: How do I keep track of my mileage?

A: This is an honor system. But ideally you use a GPS watch or phone to track your workouts. 


  • GPS Watches:  Track your running, walking, cycling, swimming, kayaking, and more. 
  • Cell phones: Track your steps, walks, runs, and more.
  • 1840's tech: A piece of paper and a pencil to manually remember your mileage.


Q: Can I combine different activities? 

A: Yep! Feel free to combine all activities like walking, cycling, swimming, and your daily steps to and from the kitchen. Just make sure to have your cell phone on you, so it counts those steps for you.


Q: When can I start logging workouts?

A: 1/1/24 through 12/31/2024


Q: How do I enter/track my miles?

A: Enter them HERE.


Q: Do I log miles or kilometers?

A: Miles. But... there is also a handy tool that converts kilometers, meters, and yard to miles for you.


Q: Where are the checkpoints (mile markers)


Checkpoints for 2,024 Mile Oregon Trail Challenge:

1. Ft Kearney - mile 317 
2. Chimney Rock - mile 591
3. Independence Rock - mile 840
4. South Pass - mile 946
5. Fort Bridger - mile 1063
6. Fort Hall - mile 1279
7. Three Island Crossing - mile 1454
8. Flagstaff Hill - mile 1692
9. The Dalles - mile 1907
10 Oregon City - mile 2024

Checkpoints for 202.4 Mile Mini Challenge: 

As you can see here, this is the cheat code version where 1 completed mile turns into 10 miles along the Virtual Oregon Trail. 

1. Fort Kearney - mile 31.7 
2. Chimney Rock - mile 59.1
3. Independence Rock - mile 84.
4. South Pass - mile 94.6
5. Fort Bridger - mile 106.3
6. Fort Hall - mile 127.9
7. Three Island Crossing - mile 145.4
8. Flagstaff Hill - mile 169.2
9. The Dalles - mile 190.7
10 Oregon City - mile 202.4



Q: How do I sign up my team correctly? 


Step 1. Choose "Team Wagon" when registering.

Step 2. Create a new team or join an existing team. Whoever signs up first will create the team, then the other teammates will join that team. 

Your wagon only fits up to 6, so choose wisely!


Q: How do Teams log miles?

A: You will each log your runs individually the same way solo runners do. Your miles will then be combined with your teammate(s).


If you want a tutorial on how to manage your team CLICK HERE.


Q: Where can I find Team Results

A: Click Here


Q: How can we calculate how many miles to run solo or a team?

A: You can calculate that HERE.


FAQ's about checkpoints, badges, swag, & referrals.

Q: When do we get our stuff?

A: Digital Checkpoint Badges will automatically show up when you reach your checkpoints). Your medal, patch, shirt(s), and hoodie(s) will be send out in monthly batches starting in May of 2024. 

Q: Does each team member get all the swag?

A: Yup!  Every member gets their own shirt (optional), hoodie (optional), medal, badges, and patch! 


Q: How do I refer people and get referral refunds?

1. Register.
2. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a unique referral link. You can copy and paste this link from (a) your confirmation page screen at the end of your registration, (b) your confirmation email, (c)  you can resend your confirmation email from your Runsignup account and get the link.

3. Get 3 friends to sign up using your unique referral link and you will automatically receive up to a refund of $15.00. Boom!
4. Get 6 friends to sign up and you get another $15.00, and $4.99 for 9 total. 

But wait... There's more!

We are giving way $500 for anyone that gets 50 referrals! Yes, $500 cash for 50+ referrals!


The referral has to signup with your unique referral link. You cannot email us "after the fact for credit" saying "I referred someone and ask for them to be added to your total.
It has to be 50 unique transactions. 

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