Lemons of Love Pink Lemonade VIRTUAL 5K Run/Walk - 6th Zest

Sat August 1 - Sun October 4 Mount Prospect, IL 60056 US
Lemon-Aider Fundraiser - Team

Become a Top Lemon-Aider 

The Lemon-aider Team Prize will be given to the TEAM that raises the most funds outside of the registration fee for the race. The top team will have 50 chemo care packages donated in their honor. Each of the packages will include a message that highlights your efforts as a top Lemons of Love supporter.  And of course the prize comes with a full year of serious bragging rights with your name/team's name on the Top Lemon-Aider Trophy which will be proudly displayed at the Lemons of Love Resource Center.


Start by Setting up a Fundraising Page or Team Fundraising Page.  Here's How!

Go to Become Fundraiser: https://runsignup.com/Race/Donate/84038/BecomeFundraiser

  1. Fill in your name
  2. Set a goal - any amount is appreciated!  See below for tips on how to raise $500 in 7 days
  3. Create Your Custom Fundraiser URL - in the space provided, add your name (no spaces, but you can put dashes between words)
  4. Upload a photo of yourself...images tend to boost donations
  5. Share your story - Tell your friends/family WHY you are running/walking and fundraising for Lemons of Love. People want to give. You just have to ask!
  6. Click on the Set up Fundraiser button.


  1. Scroll down past the individual team information and click on the button under the words Create a Team Fundraiser so it reads "yes." See screenshot.
  2. Start a New Team OR search for an existing team
  3. Add the team fundraising goal (we recommend $500/person, but are appreciative of any amount raised) See tip below on how to raise $500 in 7 days.
  4. Share information about your team and why you are fundraising.
  5. Click on the Set up Fundraiser button.

How to Fundraise for Lemons of Love 5K

Once you’ve registered, be sure to let your friends and family know how they can support your participation in the Lemons of Love 5K. Funds that you or your team raise will help Lemons of Love provide chemo care packages and bring a smile to a person going through treatment. 

Information for Lemon-Aider Teams & Team Captains

What's a Team without a Team Captain?
Walking or running as a team is the best way to get the most out of the Lemons of Love 5K. A Team Captain is the lead organizer and motivator for their team. A team inspires more people and raises more money. Lemons of Love is thrilled to welcome you as a Team Captain, and we are committed to helping you every step of the way.

Team Captains are responsible for recruiting people to join their team, naming their team, setting a team fundraising goal and continually communicating with and encouraging team members prior to and during the day of the Lemons of Love 5K. Team Captains are the primary contact and liaison to the team. 

What does a Team Captain do?

• Creates a team for the Lemons of Love 5K.
• Determines the size of your team. Do you want 3-5 people? 20 people? It’s all up to you!
• Chooses a name for your team. You can get really creative or keep it simple. What will reflect your group of team members the best?
• Lead your team to reach a fundraising goal. Share your enthusiasm and excitement with your team as you strive together to reach your fundraising goal. Ask each walker to raise a specific amount of money to help achieve the team fundraising goal. For example, a team of 10 walkers can easily raise $2,000 if each walker raises $200. You can set a fundraising goal of any amount! It only depends on what you and your team want to raise together.
• Keep your team aware, motivated and excited. Help your team members make the most of their experience with the Lemons of Love 5K. Help them register and create their fundraising page.
• Have fun and build team spirit.
• Create a team T-shirt, banner or hat to help identify and encourage your team.
• Set up a Facebook page for your team. This is a great way to communicate with all of your teammates, upload pictures from previous years' 5Ks.
• Make a video appeal for more donations.
• Make sure you get a team photo!

How to Build a Team
As a team captain, you may be wondering, “How do I get started?” and “Who should be on my team?” The best answer is to include everyone you know! Here are a few suggested types of teams:

 Family • School • Friends • Faith-Based • Co-workers • Company or Organization Affiliated • Neighbors

Successful Team Captains
• Communicate with and recognize their team members regularly.
• Establish and meet their fundraising goal; or exceed if the goal is met early.
• Personalize your team fundraising page and help team members personalize their own pages.

Tips for Team Captains
• Keep in contact and support your team members.
• Keep them informed of fundraising progress and provide motivation.
• Ensure that each team member feels supported in their efforts.
• Coach team members who are uncomfortable with asking for donations so they feel more comfortable.
• Celebrate significant successes: recognize a fundraising goal, new team member, etc.
• Identify the strengths of your team members. Some may not be good at asking for donations but can help with promotion or motivation.
• Start a friendly competition with your team members to help them reach their goals.
• Encourage team members to be proud of the important role they and their family and friends are playing in supporting people during their chemo treatments.

Team Captain Checklist and Timeline

Week One
· Recruit team members to help you build your team.
· BE A LEADER! Register first and make a donation to yourself. Set the example for the rest of your team.
· Develop a recruitment game plan that includes things like publicizing the 5K within your company, organization, or school if permitted and distributing Lemons of Love 5K info at businesses and communities you frequent.
· Check with your employer regarding matching gifts and encourage your team to do the same.

Week Two - Three
· Frequently communicate progress and motivate your team.
· Remind team members to continue to ask for donations.
· Make plans for everyone to meet on the day of the Lemons of Love 5K

Week Four
· Continue to promote the Lemons of Love 5K and fundraise through emails and social media.

Week Five - Six
· Make a final big push to recruit as many runners/walkers as possible and meet your fundraising goal.
· Send a final reminder to all your team members about the Lemons of Love 5K and urge them to make a final fundraising push.

Your Friends & Family Want to Help…You Just Have to Ask!

Social Media is a great way to promote the Lemons of Love 5K, your team and to fundraise for Lemons of Love!
Promote the Lemons of Love 5K and fundraise on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube—and wherever else you’re social!

• Inspire friends with your status updates by including stories on the positive side of your journey and sharing your fundraising progress.
• Thank donors in your status and on their walls.
• Advertise it! Create your own Facebook event for your team, invite everyone, and be sure to make it an open event.
• Create a video letting people know you are fundraising for Lemons of Love 5K and ask for their support.
• Update your Facebook profile picture and/or your cover photo to help support and promote the Lemons of Love 5K!

All proceeds of this 5K will go to Lemons of Love, Inc.

When you fundraise for the Lemons of Love Virtual 5K/1M race, you are helping to fill each care package with high quality products, providing comfort to those enduring chemo treatments.  And that's pretty awesome! Thank you for your support!




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