Rainbows Run

Sat May 4, 2019 Directions
About Rainbows United

The mission of Rainbows United is to enhance the lives of children with special needs and their families by bringing together community resources and providing customized services.

At Rainbows, we provide many vital services for children with special needs, birth through age 21, and their families. We are on the leading edge of implementing the most effective therapies for children with special needs.

You can read lots more about what we do at Rainbows at RainbowsUnited.org.

Bright Beginnings

Early Intervention Butler County 

Helping very young children with developmental delays play, share, learn and grow.

As you watch a baby or toddler, you may wonder if they are where they should be developmentally. The future can seem clouded with uncertainty. Developmental delays are more common than you may think and, in our community, we have many ways to help. Rainbows United is here for hundreds of children, shining warmth and offering bright beginnings. Rainbows United offers 17 early intervention services, depending on your specific needs, at no costs to families. Rainbows professionals serve children and families in Andover, Augusta, Benton, Cassoday, Douglass, Elbing, El Dorado, Latham, Leon, Potwin, Rose Hill, Towanda, Whitewater and everywhere in between. Learn more on Rainbows' website.


Targeted Case Management

Providing personal assistance in finding and securing the programs, services and financial aid children with special needs and their families need.

Rainbows uses a family-centered approach encouraging each family to make their own choices and letting the case manager advocate and coordinate the services to make the family's wishes a reality. As a long-time recognized leader in Kansas, Rainbows' case managers help families overcome barriers. They match the needs of each child and family with available community resources and access to those services. Learn more on Rainbows' website.

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