Longest Dam Race

Sat June 20 - Sun June 28 Fort Peck, MT 59223 US Directions

Overall Finish List

Longest Dam Race
Date: 06/16/2018
Overall Finish List

5k walk - Females

Fin Pos Name City Bib No Age Gender Age Group Total Time Pace
1Joann SolemFort Peck MT968F1/6:65-99 39:29.4812:44/M
2Deedee FastFrazer MT12453F1/13:50-64 39:42.9012:48/M
3Cordelia NickelsNashua MT13918F1/3:15-18 39:53.1312:52/M
4Rosalie SpinlerHingham MT13351F2/13:50-64 39:54.1412:52/M
5Sherri R TurnerFort Peck MT24259F3/13:50-64 41:52.4413:30/M
6Lisa DunnWolf Point MT14753F4/13:50-64 42:46.5413:48/M
7Josie KempGlasgow MT8410F1/3: 9-14 43:11.9213:56/M
8Angela KempGlasgow MT8337F1/5:30-39 43:12.1313:56/M
9Jenny HoskinBillings MT12933F2/5:30-39 45:47.1914:46/M
10Jaylein NickelsNashua MT8260F5/13:50-64 45:47.3814:46/M
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- Males

Fin Pos Name City Bib No Age Gender Age Group Total Time Pace
1Alan StempelBrockway MT24353M1/2:50-64 43:31.0914:02/M
2Marty JohnsonMalta MT25049M1/2:40-49 44:46.1614:26/M
3Donald BrabeckGlasgow MT24515M1/2:15-18 52:19.1016:53/M
4Doug NistlerGlasgow MT15349M2/2:40-49 53:51.0317:22/M
5Todd WrightGlasgow MT8954M2/2:50-64 56:32.7618:14/M
6Ian WrightGlasgow MT8815M2/2:15-18 56:32.8318:14/M
7Nelson HilgerMiles City MT12733M1/1:30-39 57:53.4018:40/M
8Whit OzarkGlasgow MT813M1/2: 1- 8 1:02:20.5120:06/M
9Wayd BarrettGlasgow MT773M2/2: 1- 8 1:02:20.5820:06/M

5k run - Females

Fin Pos Name City Bib No Age Gender Age Group Total Time Pace
1Lexi ErdahlEast Helena MT713F1/3: 9-14 21:44.447:01/M
2Mya GreenScobey MT9010F2/3: 9-14 22:56.317:24/M
3Brittney RogersSidney MT11626F1/13:19-29 23:08.417:28/M
4Emily SeeGlasgow MT23612F3/3: 9-14 23:17.597:31/M
5Fallon HandleyMalta MT18729F2/13:19-29 24:21.577:51/M
6Serenity KuntzSidney MT16315F1/3:15-18 25:18.258:10/M
7Hannah WhitemanSidney MT14434F1/10:30-39 25:34.978:15/M
8Thea SolbergMalta MT25358F1/7:50-64 25:54.098:21/M
9Sandy JohnsonMalta MT24947F1/7:40-49 26:14.318:28/M
10Kourtney SimonsonGlasgow MT1521F3/13:19-29 26:51.908:40/M
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- Males

Fin Pos Name City Bib No Age Gender Age Group Total Time Pace
1Cesar MirelesRichey MT21028M1/7:19-29 15:41.025:04/M
2Jordan PesikGlendive MT16625M2/7:19-29 18:34.975:59/M
3Chase BrownRichey MT21317M1/4:15-18 18:38.556:01/M
4Sam SmithRichey MT22515M2/4:15-18 18:38.556:01/M
5Ivan BullerRichey MT21519M3/7:19-29 19:31.866:18/M
6Tyler MoriartyBozeman MT18129M4/7:19-29 19:34.526:19/M
7Micah BullerRichey MT21715M3/4:15-18 20:59.506:46/M
8Peyton SummersWolf Point MT19213M1/4: 9-14 21:34.566:57/M
9John RogersSidney MT22353M1/5:50-64 21:53.147:04/M
10Eli ErdahlEast Helena MT810M2/4: 9-14 21:54.567:04/M
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