Rompin’ in the Ramps 5K (KSF Race Series #1)

Sun May 2, 2021 Charleston, WV 25314 US
FAQs and Race Rules

Before reading the FAQs please know that this is a new circumstance for us that we are having to maneuver. We understand this is new for everyone; but we will not tolerate any rudeness. We will be doing everything we can to produce live races so just bear with us if you have additional questions. Which, if you do, simply email us (Ricky@APTiming) or reach out using the contact button on the race page. We will reply as soon as we can or add/adjust the FAQs.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to participate in the entire series to do this event?
No, you can participate in any race(s) of the series that best fits your schedule and training. Choose to run just this event or any/all of the six races we are hosting. 

2. Can I do this race Virtually?
There is NO Virtual component for any race in this series. You must do it live (in-person) to earn your race swag. 

3. What are the awards for this race?
This is still TBD based on turn out. We will make it fair as far as overall divisions and age groups based on the number of participants that register.

4. What happens if I signed up for the Live Race but the event is now switched to Virtual due to another lock-down or restriction mandate?
Unfortunately, we cannot tell the future. However, we have high hopes that it will not happen. But if it does, all participants will be moved to a Virtual Race and we will simply hold onto your swag until the next race. In the event there is no "next" race we will host a no contact pickup at KSF and if you can't make that we will cover your shipping. We just ask for patience as it will be a very fluid situation if that happens but we will do our best to communicate with everyone both through email and on our Facebook Page. 

5. Why is there no paper registration or race day registration? I don't want to sign up online.
Unfortunately we have gone away from paper registration for many years and are not bringing it back. It adds a lot of additional work and financial tracking that we do not want to do as directing a race is hard enough. We are also requiring participants to sign up online prior to race day to avoid a line race morning. There will be no race day registration and if you come and are not registered you will get turned away. We will be pulling bandits off the course that are not registered as it goes against our size restrictions. Please be aware of the deadlines and get registered if you plan on attending. It helps us with prep work and also helps us do what we need to do to help social distancing. 

6. Why is there sales tax and a processing fee?
Registrations are now required to collect and remit sales tax. The processing fee is there to cover costs of payment facilitators, emails, texts, etc. 

7. What precautions are you taking specifically to help maintain social distancing?
Please refer to the race rules and policies below for items regarding this question. We hope that as the year progresses we can do more as far as post race refreshments, official awards ceremonies, etc. 

8. Can I transfer my registration to someone or can someone run in my place?
We do not allow person to person transfers and if someone is caught running for you it will result in a DQ. Please note we physically tag every finish line photo so you will get caught if you do this.

9. If the race is moved virtually, will I still be able to get a refund?
Absolutely not. You will be required to agree to this upon registration in three ways (a separate question, a waiver, and a refund policy). If you are rude in any way to a director or volunteer you will not be able to participate in any APTiming hosted event ever again. If you request a charge back for your registration fee you will not be able to participate in any APTiming hosted event ever again. When registering you take the risk of the event being moved to a virtual event and if you don't want to risk it then please simply do not register.

Race Rules and Policies
1. Runners who have been feeling ill up to 48 hours before the race are not allowed to participate.
2. Runners with a temperature on race morning of over 100.4 degrees will not be allowed to participate.
3. Runners must follow social distance guidelines and avoid gathering in large groups (you are responsible in starting in your wave/time or you will be DQ'd).
4. Runners are responsible in bringing their own hydration (water/drinks). We will have aid stations for the longer races. 
5. Although not mandatory, masks are recommended both before/after the race.
6. Please stay within the area at all times. Do not trespass.
7. While running/walking please DO NOT cut across the parking lots. Stay on the course.
8. No littering, vandalizing, or tampering with any of the city amenities
9. Pets are allowed; must be leashed and you must clean up after them
10. Know the nature of the event and come hydrated/prepared.
11. No team-based (or any) bullying
12. Parking is abundant in the area
13. No refunds or transfers for any reason (even due to Force Majeure or Act of God)
14. No bandits are allowed on the course.


If you do not register for this event/sign the waiver for this event, then you cannot be associated with this event or any parties involved. Any risks and liabilities involving the pets/animals, as well as any other foreseen or unforeseen happenstances, are assumed by the individual.

Our events are designed to be fun and for the entire family. With that in mind any competitor, spectator, parent, volunteer, or sponsor, exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct or interfering with the positive, competitive atmosphere of the event will be asked to leave the venue and course immediately with no refunds.

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