Run Across America: Missouri

Tue February 4 - Fri December 31, 2021 Any Town, MO 00000 US
Why Run a Virtual Race?

One question we expect you to ask right out the gate is why you should run a virtual race anyway?  Honestly, there are a ton of reasons and depends on your fitness goals and expectations.  But in the end, it's a fun and cheap way to continue race on your schedule, at your convenience, and without having to be around hundreds (or thousands) of people early in the morning.  Instead, run on your schedule, when and where you want.  Plus, many local races for the shorter distances (5K) don't even often offer a medal for completing the race.  We think that's an atrocity!  You put in the work so why not receive a beautifully crafted medal to display as a reward for all the work you put into the race.

Here's how it works:

  • Register for the race online. You can select the 5K/10K/half marathon distance - you're choice. No matter what you select, you'll receive a Tyvek bib and 3.5" hand-painted medal.
  • A few days after you register, you'll receive a beautiful, high-quality bib (with safety pins) in the mail that you can optionally wear when you run the race. Plus, if you order any extras, you'll receive them with your bib.
  • You'll receive your medal in the same package as your bib so you'll be ready to celebrate as soon as your race is complete
  • Run/walk when/where you want. Some people can even choose to run/walk on the elliptical or treadmill. It's really up to you on how you want to complete it.
  • Submit your time (you'll receive instructions on where to submit it with your bib)

There's a few things we love about our virtual race experience:

  • A portion of each registration will go to a local food bank in the state featured in the race meaning that as we Run Across America we are each helping to feed the nation, one state at a time.  This will not only allow you to race and run/walk an event to achieve your own fitness goals, but also all you to Run for Good!  We love this one as it allows us to "feed America" one state at a time.
  • You can race for free, meaning that you'll receive a referral code that will give you back $3 on your card for each person that signs up. This can be done up until your registration is free
  • Run a 5K/10K/Half Marathon.  Many virtual races force you to only run a 5K.  But what if you're training for a longer race and just need a longer distance?  No matter your style, we've got you covered.
  • You'll never pay shipping on any of the items included or added on to your registration.

Honestly, this is a way to let new runners experience the joy of getting a medal for their efforts. It additionally allows experienced runners to turn a tempo run into something additional and get another medal to hang on the wall (plus a pretty bib to hang next to their other bibs). Finally, it lets a group "run together" even when everyone is far apart.

In the end not only will you be able to run a virtual race with all the flexibility in the world, with all the race bling you could want, but you'll also be supporting others in need.  What's not to feel great about that?!

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