[Virtual] Run For Lives 2020

Sat June 6, 2020
Submitting Race Results Without a Google Account

Don't have a Google® [Gmail] account but still want to submit your race results to win prizes?  This is a secondary option that we only recommend if you do NOT have access to a Google account.  (If you do have access to a Google account, please fill out this form instead!)


Clicking the link below will bring you to a form that doesn't require an account to login.  However, this option prevents us from accepting direct submissions of your verification photos within the form.  If you choose this option, please note that you will still need to complete the appropriate verification steps outlined on our Race Day info page (and listed below) for any prize(s) you would like to win.  We will then reach out to you at the email address you provide and offer the option to submit this verification via email.  This must be promptly completed on the day of the race to be considered for any prizes.






Verification Options

More info and helpful links are available on our Race Day info page.

For fastest time, best average team time, and most creative individual/ team route prizes:

1)  Download the Strava® app or the MapMyRun® app (or another similar running app) to record your 5K walk/run (and/or route) and take a screenshot! 

2)  If you have an Apple Watch® or FitBit® (or another similar device), use the built-in "Exercise" function to record your 5K walk/run (and/or route) and take a picture of the screen! 

3)  If you're using treadmill that tracks the total distance and time of your 5K walk/run, just take a picture of the display!

*Note that all products and services listed above, along with their logos and other associated images, are registered trademarks of their respective owners and are not endorsed by or affiliated with Run for Lives 2020.


For best team attire prize:

Just submit a picture of your awesome team costumes!  No additional steps necessary!


For a prize from Chick-fil-A:

Beat the Chick-fil-A cow's time of 26 minutes (and verify it using one of the options above) to be entered to win one of three awesome Chick-fil-A prizes!


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