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Snowbird Challenge

January 25, 2025 Anderson, SC 29621 US

Upstate Race Series Presents

Snowbird Challenge 


Tired of the COLD?


Civic Center of Anderson 

Sports Complex


Included in Registration

  • Finisher Medal
  • Custom Race Bib
  • Event Themed Giveaways
  • Race Sticker
  • Complimentary Race Photos
  • Music & Post Race Hangout
  • Optional Race Shirt
  • Chip Timing w/ Lap Splits & Live Results


Come get warmed up with a running challenge that will inspire you to your fastest or farthest distance to date!

Step into the frosty thrill of the Annual Snowbird Challenge! Brace yourselves for a refreshing twist on distance running, as we dare you to conquer the chilly path at the Civic Center Sports Complex in this one-of-a-kind race format. If you've triumphed this race in the scorching heat, it's time to showcase your resilience in the icy embrace of winter! Drawing inspiration from our summer favorite, the Carolina Reaper Challenge, we've duplicated the excitement for all you snowbirds. Picture the same heart-pounding race format, now set against the picturesque backdrop of the winter wonderland. Whether you're a solo contender or part of a dynamic team, gear up to traverse the 2.62-mile loop within the exhilarating 45-minute time format.
Join us in embracing the frosty challenge and create memories that will linger like snowflakes in the winter air. The Snowbird Challenge is not just a race; it's an adventure that pushes your limits against the breathtaking backdrop of winter's beauty. As you toe the line with fellow enthusiasts, let the camaraderie and the spirit of competition fuel your journey through the snow-covered course. Whether you're a seasoned winter warrior or a first-time snowbird, this race promises an unforgettable experience that blends the thrill of running with the magic of winter.
Gear up, lace those running shoes tight, and prepare for an extraordinary running experience that transcends the ordinary. The Annual Snowbird Challenge awaits, beckoning all daring souls to embrace the frosty challenge, conquer the winter path, and leave footprints in the snow as a testament to your determination and grit!..... Full disclosure... it has never snowed during the race.. It's typically 55 and sunny!

Event Details

  • What: 50k - 13.1 - 5 mile - Relay in a unique race format
  • When: January 25th 2025
  • Time: All races start at 8am
  • Where: Civic Center of Anderson - Sports Complex 
  • Address: 144 Civic Center Blvd, Anderson, SC 29621.
  • Parking: Following parking sings to the baseball field parking that will be located on Jim Ed Rice Parkway
  • Packet Pickup: 1 Hour Prior to your race start time near starting line
  • Event Shirts - Our local apparel vendor (Graphic Cow) will be processing all shirt orders. Please follow the link below to pre-order a shirt from the list of races. All race specific shirts will be mailed directly to your home address after the event to commemorate your race experience! The store link will be open until the Monday after each race.


Snowbird Challenge Course Description - Course Map - HERE

The new course at the Civic Center of Anderson Sports Complex consists of 100% walking paths with a few driveway intersections (runners need to yield to any traffic). Runners have the option to run in the grass during 80% of the walking paths if you want some softer running. The course only gains 112 feet of elevation gain per the 2.62 mile loop. The course starts and finishes on the back side of the baseball headquarters. The course will showcase walking paths along the tennis court, the community park, two ponds, an old haunted house, and finish in the middle of the 4 baseball fields. This location will have indoor bathrooms, an area for runners to place a 10 x 10 canopy tent for shade in the grass, and a convenient location adjacent to the parking lot for a quick pit stop at your car if needed.


Aid Stations

There will be one aid station at the start/finish of the 2.62 mile loop for this race format. Items may include: pickles, cookies, chips, Little Debbie snacks, assorted candy, chicken/veggie broth, fig newtons, & pretzels. Liquids will include water, Tailwind Nutrition, coke, and ginger ale. If you would like to donate an aid station supply of something that we do not offer or that is homemade feel free! Cup-less Event: Please provide your own hydration vessel for use at our aid stations 


Personal Tent Set Up - Drop Bags

Athletes are permitted to have a drop bag or personal tent near the aid station in the open field, in the parking lot, and along the walking path adjacent to the start/finish line.  Please be mindful to place your personal belongings off the course as to not impede the runners, the flow of traffic, or other race participants.  When you are finished with your race please "pack in and pack out" making the host facility look better than you found it. This location will have indoor bathrooms, an area for runners to place a 10 x 10 canopy tent for shade in the grass, and a convenient location adjacent to the parking lot for a quick pit stop at your car if needed.


Snow Bird Challenge Race Format

The race course consists of a 2.62 mile loop on sidewalks and walking paved paths with a small section of trail. The personal tent area is located directly behind the start and finish lines. 
  • Each race has a designated number of loops to complete
    • 50k (12 Loops)
    • Marathon Relay (10 Loops)
    • Half Marathon(5 Loops)
    • Tobaggon Trot 5 Miler (2 Loops)
  • The timer will ring a kettle bell to start each lap as designated in the schedule above
  • At the beginning of each loop runners will be given 45 minutes to complete the loop 
  • If a runner fails to complete the loop under 45 minutes they will be disqualified 
  • All runners must wait until the top of the 45 minute mark to start their next loop
  • If you complete your loop in 25 minutes you will have to wait 20 minutes before the next loop. 
  • If you complete your loop in 40 minutes you will have a 5 minute break. Ya dig? 

Relay Teams (Up to 4 People)

  • One runner per team may run at a given time
  • Runners may run consecutive laps
  • 2 Person teams (6 lap maximum per runner)
  • 3 Person teams (4 lap maximum per runner)
  • 4 Person teams (3 lam maximum per runner)

Lap Schedule Start Times

  • Lap 1 - 8:00am
    • 50k, Relay, Half Marathon, & 5 Mile
  • Lap 2 - 8:45am
  • Lap 3 - 9:30am 
  • Lap 4 - 10:15am
  • Lap 5 - 11:00pm
  • Lap 6 - 11:45pm
  • Lap 7 - 12:30pm
  • Lap 8 - 1:15pm 
  • Lap 9 - 2:00pm
  • Lap 10 - 2:45pm
  • Lap 11 - 3:30pm
  • Lap 12 - 4:15pm

Race Awards & Age Group Point Series

  • Top 3 Male and Female Overall
  • Top 3 Male & Female Age Group
    • 0-9
    • 10-12
    • 13-16
    • 17-19
    • 20-29
    • 30-34
    • 35-39
    • 40-44
    • 45-49
    • 50-54
    • 55-59
    • 60-64
    • 65-69
    • 70-79
    • 80

Race Day Countdown

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Civic Center of Anderson

144 Civic Center Blvd
Anderson, SC 29621 US

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