Location: Kiawah Island, SC US 29455 Directions
Type: Triathlon
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Additional race information can be found at http://www.kiawahkidstri.com.

Event Time Price Details
Kiawah Kids Triathlon- 3-6 year olds
2:00PM EDT - 4:30PM EDT
Kiawah Kids Triathlon- 7-10 year olds
2:00PM EDT - 4:30PM EDT
Kiawah Kids Triathlon- 11-14 year olds
2:00PM EDT - 4:30PM EDT
4000 Sea Forest Dr.
Kiawah Island, SC US 29455

This race is designed for all kids ages 3-14 to explore the sport of Triathlons and be successful! They will compete in a swim in the Night Heron Park pool, and bike on surrounding bike paths, and the run route may include beach, bike path, or grass. each participant will receive a medal and t-shirt. Top 3 finishers male and female in each age group will be awarded. Everyone is welcome to join in on a rockin' color party at the finish line!

Approximate Distances:

3-6 year olds: 25 yd swim (floaties/ noodles allowed, guard with each child), .5 mile bike, .5 mile run

7-10 year olds: 75 yd swim, 2 mile bike, .8 mile run

11-14 year olds: 125 yd swim, 3 mile bike, 1.5 mile run


The Kiawah Island Golf Resort Kids Triathlon aims to introduce kids to the sport of triathlon, provide a challenging course for those that have competed before, and for all participants to feel accomplished. Good sportsmanship and fair play is encouraged and required of all athletes, parents and spectators. In order to provide a safe and fun event, we request that parents review the rules with their athletes prior to race day. Triathlon staff and volunteers will be on site to answer questions and to reiterate and enforce rules. We are not disqualifying or adjusting times for any participant who does not complete their required distance. At the end of this race, each and every participant will be a TRIATHLETE!

Triathlon Equipment
• Bicycle (road bike, mountain bike or beach cruiser) or tricycle. Training wheels are allowed for any age group. No scooters permitted.
• Bike helmet with working chin strap – check your helmet for proper fit!
• Swim suit (arrive in your swim suit) or Tri suit.
• Water shoes (i.e. flip flops, sandals, crocs) if needed for traveling from swim to TA (pavement and mulch).
• Running shoes /sneakers.
• Shorts and shirt if not using a Tri suit.
• Water bottle, hat and towel.
• Race bib – pinned to the front of the shirt you will be riding and running in. Parents are asked to write their cell phone number on the back of the bib.
TA ~ Transition Area
The TA (transition area) is the area where athletes transition between the swim to bike and the bike to run.

Setting up your TA
• On race day the TA will open at noon for athletes to place their bikes, helmet, clothes and gear in their designated area.
• Pre-race, parents may assist their athletes in setting up their TA. The TA will close to parents at 1:45pm.
• Triathlon staff and volunteers will also be on hand to assist with TA set up.
• Athletes are welcome to decorate their TA spot with a balloon, ribbons, etc. in order to assist them in finding their spot during the event, as long as decorations do not interfere with or impede other athletes.
Swim to Bike TA
• With 3-6 year olds, one parent may assist their athlete in transition.
• With 7-10 year olds and 11–14 year olds, parents are not permitted in the transition area during the race.
• After the swim, athletes will find his/her bike with the assistance of volunteers.
• Athletes dry off with their towel and put on shorts and a shirt over their bathing suit with their race number already pinned on.
• Volunteers may assist athletes with everything from tying shoelaces, buckling helmet, etc.
• Bike helmets must be worn with chin strap buckled at all times while the athlete is in contact with the bike.
• The athlete takes his/her bike and heads to the exit of transition towards the BIKE flag.
• The bike cannot be mounted until the athlete passes the “ON MY BIKE” sign.
Bike to Run TA
• Upon completing the bike portion, athletes will dismount their bikes at the OFF MY BIKE sign and head into the TA.
• In the TA, athletes should park in their designated spot.

• Our Triathlon staff, lifeguards and volunteers will be on the pool deck for questions and assistance.
• The race will start ‘in water’, no jumping or diving into the pool.
• No running on the pool deck at any time.
• Parents and spectators may cheer on athletes from the viewing area on the side of the pool.
• Athletes in the 3–6 age group will be accompanied by race staff while in the pool.
• Life jackets, kick boards, water noodles, puddle jumpers and water wings are permitted for 3 to 6 year olds.
• No artificial propulsive devices such as fins, paddles, or gloves may be used.
• Goggles or face masks may be worn but are not required.
• Signs, cones, and race staff will direct participants out of the pool and into the TA.

• Training wheels are permitted at any age.
• Glider and balance bikes are permitted in the 3-6 age group only.
• Helmets must be buckled before taking the bike from the TA and must remained buckled until returning to the TA.
• Race bib must be visible on the front chest area of each participant during the bike and run portions.
• No riding bikes in the transition area. Athletes will be directed to the ON MY BIKE sign, located outside the transition area.
• Triathlon staff reserves the right to disallow any bicycle deemed unsafe. Any unusual bicycle must be approved by race officials prior to competition.
• Cyclists shall ride in a safe manner, which includes:
1. Riding on the right side of the bike path.
2. Passing on the left of the slower cyclist.
3. Passing cyclist only when there are no oncoming cyclists.
4. Respecting any safety instructions given by deputies, race officials, or volunteers regarding oncoming bicycle traffic or car traffic at cross streets (7-10 and 11-14 age groups).
5. Riding in a straight line without swerving, veering, or blocking the forward progress of other cyclists.
• Race officials may remove any cyclist who appears to ride or behave in an unsafe manner.
• With the 7–10 year olds and 11-14 year olds, parents and spectators are not allowed on the race course at any time.
• Parents of 3-6 year olds may walk or run alongside their cyclists, while being conscientious of other athletes.

• In the 7-10 year old and 11-14 year old age groups parents are not allowed on the course at any time.
• With 3-6 year olds, parents may run with their athletes, although, we ask they be conscientious of older athletes attempting to pass.
• Multiple age groups may be on the run route at the same time, athletes must be courteous of others.

General Event Rules

• In the 7-10 year olds and 11-14 year olds, parental assistance is not permitted on the race course or in the transition area once the race has begun.
• No personal audio devices or headsets may be used or carried during any portion of the event.
• Finishers may not retrieve gear until all participants have finished the cycling portion and have begun the run.


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