Raven Resolution Challenge

Fri January 1 - Sun January 31, 2021
How to Upload Miles & Weekly Activities

There are two ways to begin this process


Option 1


Step 1: You will need to follow this link to log into your RunSignup account, https://runsignup.com/Profile 


Step 2: In your Upcoming Events find the Raven Resolution Challenge and select "Submit Virtual Results".

Option 2


Step 1: Follow this link to the registration page, https://runsignup.com/Race/AK/Anchorage/SkinnyRavenResolutionChallenge 


Step 2: Select 'Results' from the options at the top of the page

Step 3: Select 'Submit Virtual Results' at the top of the Results page

Step 4: Then you will search for yourself by First & Last Name OR by E-mail & Date of Birth. 

Step 5: Then you will select 'Log Activities' that is next to the Event you have registered for.


Submit Mileage toward Goal


Step 1: After you have selected 'Submit Virtual Results' in Option 1 or 'Log Activities' in Option 2 you will be brought to the screen Results submission screen. 


Step 2: The Blue Box next to your name will list the Challenge you're registered for. It will need to list your challenge for you to upload mileage towards your challenge.
*In the below example, the registrant is in the 100 mile challenge.

You will then enter the information for your activity: date completed, distance run in miles, time it took to complete the distance, and any comments you have about the activity. 

You can also select Load Activity from File (found in the top right hand corner). This allows you to upload from a GPS watch.

The select 'Submit Activity'


Complete Weekly Activities


Step 1: At the top of the Results Submission Screen you will see a description on how to complete the weekly activities. 


Step 2: Select the Blue Box next to your name with your challenge distance, and this will turn into a drop down menu. You will then select which activity you are indicating you have completed. 

*In this example we will show you how to indicated completion of the first activity, "Tips & Tricks for Winter Running & Walking"

Step 3: In the box you will then tell us how many times you completed the weekly activity.

Did you watch the Tips & Tricks once? Then you would put 1 and select 'Submit Activity' 

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