Spectrum of Colors Race Across Greater Wisconsin

Sun September 12 - Sat October 23 Your City, WI 54952 US
Fundraising Tools


  • Share your story! Why is the Autism Society important to you? Write a message, share a video, use photos!
  • Use Facebook Fundraisers and other social media accounts to invite friends & family! Post often to remind
    your network of what you're trying to accomplish. People have good intentions but need reminders!
  • Directly ask those closest in your network to give a donation of any amount. Many are often happy to
    support a cause close to someone they know, they just need to be asked!
  • Offer to match donations up to a certain amount. Or kick things off by making a donation yourself


  • The Power of 10 - Ask 10 friends to donate $10 or more! (That's like donating 2 pumpkin spice lattes)
  • Ask friends and family to donate $5 for every mile you log over the challenge! They'll be happy to support
    your fitness and wellness goals!
  • Ask friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors if they will sponsor you and/or your team to help you reach
    your goal.
  • Take advantage of your Facebook network! After you set up your fundraiser in Runsignup, follow the
    prompts to link a Facebook fundraiser. All donations through Facebook will be automatically added to your
    Spectrum of Colors fundraising goal. After this is set up, invite friends directly to the fundraiser.


About the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin:

The Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin is often the first point of contact for a family with a child newly diagnosed with autism. By contacting the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin, families have access to other parents who can provide emotional support while helping them identify important community resources. Once connected to the Autism Society, individuals and families have a place to turn to for support, from diagnosis through adulthood.

The Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin is important to me/my family because…..

Invitation to Donate

I'm raising money to support the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin this fall, as part of their Spectrum of Colors Virtual Race Across Greater Wisconsin. The mission of this organization means a lot to me and I hope you'll join me in supporting their work! 

You can help by joining the race with me and/or making a donation to help me reach my fundraising goal. My goal is to raise $_____ in support of the autism community. The Autism Society is a nonprofit serving individuals and families affected by autism through its five core services: Support, Education, Information & Referral, Advocacy, and Community Building. You can also find more information about
their programs on their website: www.autismgreaterwi.org.

You can find my fundraising page here: ______.

Thank you for your support, every little bit helps! Optional: (I will match all donations up to $____). 

Thanks again for helping me reach my goal!


Invitation to Join Race Team

I’m participating in the Spectrum of Colors Race Across Greater Wisconsin this fall and I’d love for you to join me! Together, our goal will be to reach 235 miles by walking, running, biking, swimming or through any other activity.  You can join my team by signing up through this link and
clicking Yes to “Would you like to join or create a Team?” My team name is _______. 

There are different levels of participation, starting at $10 all the way to $100, depending on what you’d like included in your race package. There are also opportunities to fundraise on behalf of the Autism Society of Greater Wisconsin and the local affiliates.

I’m excited to get moving in support of the Autism Society this fall and hope you’ll join me!

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