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Type: Virtual Race
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Anywhere/Your Home Turf, TX US 78201



Join us for event 2 of 5 celebrating a doggie power play for charity...the Game of Bones!  Each event in the series will benefit a different dog related cause- each medal will build to an amazing 5 part art piece. 

We will have 5 events, one a month, and the medals fit together for one giant piece. Our goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of November for dog rescues, will you join us?  Let's show the world what GoT fans and dog lovers can do!

Race Contact Info

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How To Participate

REAL good causes. REAL medals. REAL fun helping pit bulls and pit-bull mixes.  

Run or walk a 5k, 10k or 1 Miler on your own time, on your own turf- it's a great way to get active this spring, but mainly - to help raise awareness and fundraise for Saving Sunny Inc., a great pit bull based organization that works on educating the public, helping at-risk families keep their dogs and uniting families with great pets.

For participating, you will receive a 3" diecast, Game of Bones - House Tailgaryen Treats & Hugs medal with sublimated high color satin finish ribbon.  Proceeds benefit Saving Sunny Inc., a Kentucky based dog rescue focusing on bully breed dogs.

This is a "Virtual Run" but you'll get a real medal, just do it at your pace, at your place! 

Join us for a "Virtual" Run- you'll still do the running/walking, but you'll be able to help the rescue no matter where you live, no matter how busy you are! EVERYONE gets a real medal for participating, earning their miles and helping the rescue.  

Join us from 8.6-9.6 (race closes at midnight!), and run or walk on your own time or your own turf.  Miles are on the honor system, just be sure to do your miles before 9.6 and you can unofficially report your time in our Private Facebook Group so we can cheer you on!

The Medals

This Game of Bones series will take place over 5 months- with a medal to be earned every month.  Each medal fits together, and will make something amazing when it's all done at the end of November.  
Your medal will be mailed to your door after 9.6, and your bib can be downloaded at the link in your confirmation email after you've signed up.

Join Us Before September 6th To Change Lives With Saving Sunny Inc.

This month's charity partner, for our first Game of Bones event is Saving Sunny Inc.  This small but mighty organization spoke to our hearts as they focus on Pit Bulls and Pit-Bull Terrier like breeds who have gotten a bad rap for being vicious but are anything but.  These dogs, often are used for fighting, dog bait or other crimes and truly are lovers at heart. What makes Saving Sunny Inc. so special is that they also have a community component to support families who may be struggling to care for their dogs,and need some help. Saving Sunny Inc. works to help educate, empower and help families who are at risk of giving up their dogs, but just need a little help. 

Your participation in this month's virtual run will help Saving Sunny Inc. keep up with the high medical costs these dogs sometimes need.  Help us fund care and carts this month for an amazing rescue!

Earning Your Medal & Doing Your Miles

To earn this amazing medal for an AMAZING cause, you can run or walk a mile, 5k or 10k (heck we will even take swimmers and cyclers!) anytime from 8.6-5.9.6, and you will be mailed an awesome House of Bones Sigil (medal) for House Tailgaryen a 3" double sided, Game of Bones medal supporting Saving Sunny Pit-Bull/Pit-Bull Like Dog Rescue. This is the first of FIVE events celebrating the new season of the show.


Our goal is to help you have fun while helping special dogs in need, do not stress about reporting your mileage.  Reporting is NOT necessary, but you can share a sweaty selfie or Garmin screenshot on our Facebook page to unofficially report you mileage. 

Your medal will be mailed out automatically, but we would love for you to unofficially report your time with a sweaty selfie, or a photo of your furry family member (rescue cat or otherwise) on our Facebook group. Not necessary, but totally fun!

It doesn't matter how fast or slow you go, if you love dogs and you want this medal that goes to support a good cause, come and run or walk with us! 

You will need to do do your mileage some time before 8.5, when the race concludes.  We will be shipping out medals after the race concludes on 9.6. Since this is a 5 part series, we need to gauge how many custom medals we will need for each leg of the series, so thank you for your patience!

The medals will automatically be shipped to you after 9.6 when the race concludes.  Once medals are at our door, they will be shipped to yours- no need to report your miles (but feel free to brag on social!) We estimate that shipping will begin on 9.6.


Virtual Charity Runs was founded by two dog loving rescue parents who saw the need for constant fundraising to keep small but impactful rescues afloat. With high medical costs for abused and special needs dogs, many organizations functions hand to mouth.  What started as a "silly little pug run" turned into monthly events, and the medals kept getting better.

Since that first run, over $61,000 has been donated to dog rescues and other great causes- including the Northern Illinois Pug Rescue, Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, French Bulldog Rescue Network- and now LoveyLoaves!   Find out more at

Missed The First Event? Event 1 Medals Available During Checkout.

You can still get your House Bark medal (in limited quantities) to benefit Lovey Loaves Special Needs Dog Rescue.  When you check out, you will be given the option to add this as an add-on. 


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