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We're sorry that so many of you that wanted to register were unable to.   We doubled the size of the event this year in an effort to take more people and still sold out in just 37 minutes.  Please don't be mad at us - remember, we are just a group of 8 volunteers that put this thing together.  We want to continue to grow each year, but it's important to us that we do it in a manageable way that ensures that everyone has a good time.  The last thing we want is to grow too fast and end up with a complete cluster-you-know-what.  We want our "Race" to grow into one of Boerne's annual signature events. 

For those on the waiting list, you'll get an email from the registration system if any spots open up.  You can still join as a Virtual Participant and/or make a donation to our charity Blessings in a Backpack.

We really appreciate your support and understanding.  


The Boerne 0.5k - The Running Event for the Rest of Us!

Join your fellow underachievers for a day (actually more like 10 minutes) of glory, celebration and participation trophies to raise money for a great organization, Blessings in a Backpack!

The 2nd Annual Boerne 0.5k will be held at 11 am on May 4, 2019 at River Road Park.

“The World’s Most Important Race in the History of the World, Ever” is a tongue-in-cheek event that will not only lampoon the typical 5k, but also those made-for-overachievers-obstacle-course-adventure-races.

Here are the details!

  • The um, "Race" (emphasis on the air quotes) will start at River Road Park, just across from the Dodging Duck.  Because they are awesome, our friends at the Duck have offered all participants a free pint of beer before the start of the race, so get there early.  Hooray for beer!
  • The um, "Race", will then head down the River Road Park walkway where you will encounter challenging obstacles.  And by challenging, we mean Boerne 0.5k not challenging.
  • The um, “Race” will continue down the park path going underneath the Main Street Bridge where you will finish in a blaze of glory.
  • We will finish at the Grassy Knoll (too soon?), the area just below The Creek Restaurant.  It is here where the magic happens because now that you are a “Finisher”, you can take a whole bunch of selfies, post them all over social media, and generally remind all of your friends just how superior you are to them.  If you don’t take a selfie and post it somewhere, did it even happen?! Exactly.

Virtual Race Option!  Livestreamed Directly to Your Couch!  

  • Last year we had over 1,000 people sign up for the Procrastinator Prize Pack - “Swag without the Effort”.  These were folks that either signed up after we were sold out, or were just too far away from Boerne to make it.
  • This year, you can participate from afar using our Virtual Race!  Two of our funny and witty friends are going to “run” the “race” for you, one with a Go Pro attached to his head, and the other providing the live play-by-play and color commentary.
  • A few days beforehand, we will provide you with a private link so that you can watch the “race” as it unfolds.
  • Virtual Participants will get the t-shirt, the pretentious sticker and a medal - you'll be able to claim that you actually participated and are a finisher and no one will know any different!  Brilliant!  (All virtual participant names will be held in strict confidence and will never be released to the public. Your secret is safe with us.)
  • In all seriousness, the virtual option is our way to try and re-capture the generosity of people that bought the Procrastinators Prize Pack last year.  We recognize that your donation is just that - and we hope you’ll support us again and join us from wherever you are in the world.

Goodies and Fun Stuff!


  •  The pretentious oval Euro-style 0.5k sticker is back for 2019 and will be completely redesigned!  For those of you two-timers, now you can start a collection on the rear window of your car that tells everyone that a true athlete is onboard.
  • T-shirts of course.  Duh. And redesigned for 2019.  Duh.
  • Participation medals (everyone gets recognized for their achievements at this event, no matter how bad they are, because we are all about creating an environment of positivity and self-worth.)  If you thought last year’s “medal that is actually made out of wood that doubles as a coaster” was cool, then you’re going to be really disappointed with this year’s awards. No you won’t.
  • NEW FOR 2019!  Announcing the Boerne 0.5k Adventure Mud Warrior Crossfit Terrain Spartan Obstacle Course and Gauntlet “Race”.  We heard you loud on clear on the post race survey that we never sent out and that you never bothered to return - we need more action, you didn’t say!  So we’re giving you EXACTLY what you didn’t ask for - rope swings, climbing obstacles, mud pits, 12 ounce curl stations. Standby folks, because this is a real game changer!
  • Of course, fan favorites from last year will be back - the Coffee and Donut station at the halfway point for carb-loading and energy, a designated smoking section, the medical/nurses tent, and The Rolling Stones* playing all their hits at the finish line. *Band subject to change.
  • Individual and group costume contests with prizes.  Dress up in anything fun, stupid and zany! Cool sunglasses, cowboy hats, short shorts, Spurs gear, pajamas, you name it.  Come dressed for fun!
  • NEW FOR 2019!  A special costume contest just for all you that asked us over and over and over and over and over…..Introducing the “May the Fourth Be With You” costume contest for anyone wanting to dress up in their Star Wars garb.
  • Awards Presentation and post-”race” party at the Grassy Knoll (too soon?).  Our friends at Cibolo Creek Brewing Company will give all of you a free pint of beer just for you being you.  Hooray for beer! If you hung around for the post-race party last year, you know what a blast it was. Same this year.
  • Live music at the start and finish!
  • The world's best bagpipe player returns again in 2019!  Yes!!! He is one year better and therefore, likely the best bagpipe player you will hear in Boerne on that day.  He’s taking requests, but please, no rap. Metal is fine, but no rap.
  • Much, much, much more (as we think of things)


  • NEW FOR 2019!  Team “competition”
  • Team Captains can create the team through the registration process and then send invites to other team members.
  • What does "competition" mean?  How will you compete, exactly? What are the rules?
  • We don’t know.
  • Stop asking questions.
  • Trust us.  We'll figure it out and promise that you’ll have fun with whatever we come up with.
  • If you’re really worried about how the team competition will work, you probably don’t want to be on a team.  That’s not the point. Remember, everyone gets a trophy!
  • So stop asking questions, get your team together and sign up.

VIP Option

  • Don't feel like running?  Don't think you can make it the full 546 yards?  Then you should be a VIP.
  • For an additional $30, you don't even have to run!  How awesome is that?!
  • The official Boerne 0.5k shuttle is a restored 1963 VW bus.  If you don't want to walk over to the Grassy Knoll (too soon?), we'll shuttle you!
  • You still get your free beer at both brewpubs, and all of the other goodies
  • NEW FOR 2019!  Obviously, VIPs are the most important because they have the money to buy their way into doing nothing.  So we are expanding that that VIP experience. You think last year’s VIP medals were big? Can you say Flavor Flav for 2019?  Oh yeah. Huge. We’re looking out for you, big spender.

Racecation Package

  • Wanna spend the weekend in our cool little town and turn the Boerne 0.5k into a Racecation?
  • There are only two Racecation packages available so act quickly!
  • Package #1 is for two people and Package #2 for four.
  • Racecation packages include:
  • VIP “Race” entry and all of the amazing trappings that come with it
  • Friday and Saturday overnight accommodations in a downtown Boerne AirBnB
  • Dinner on Friday night, plus breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday at some of Boerne’s best locally owned restaurants.  Specific restaurants cannot be guaranteed but will include favorites such as Cypress Grille, Peggy’s on the Green, Little Gretel, The Creek, Cibolo Creek Brewery, Dodging Duck Brewhaus, Bear Moon Bakery and Cafe, Dienger Trading Company.
  • The Boerne 0.5k “Race” course, restaurants, accommodations and historic downtown Boerne are all walkable.  Park your car upon arrival on Friday and you won’t need it again until Sunday at check-out.
  • The 2-person Racecation Package accommodations are at the Garden House, which is just steps away from Main Street.  More information about this house is here.
  • The 4-person package accommodations are at the Duck Inn, which is just a half block away from the Dodging Duck and the starting line of the Boerne 0.5k.  More information about this house is here. 


  • Yes, we need them!
  • There is a link at the top of the website for volunteer information and registration.
  • Please pass the word to your friends.  And we'll gladly put your high schooler to work too!


Please join us for a unique event that promises to be full of fun and fundraising for a great local charity that helps feed our neighbors that are in need.

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