The Great Ice Cream Chase - St. Louis

Wed July 1 - Sun August 2 St. Louis, MO 63011 US

Q: How does a virtual race work?
A: First select a distance you'd like to compete or complete. We offer a 5k run, 10k run, 10M bike or 25M bike. Once you register for a distance, the next step is to complete the distance and earn your finisher medal. The distance set by the event that you register for can be completed at any location of your choice, and can even be completed indoors on a treadmill or stationary bike! You have until the end of July to complete your race and submit your time. 


Q: Where should I run or ride my race? 
A: That's the beauty of a virtual race, you can run or ride wherever and whenever you like! We do however insist you stay safe by observing all local, state and federal social distancing orders as well as respecting any closures or social distancing rules of local, county or state parks. Also if you're not feeling well or experiencing any symptoms of COVID19, it's best you stay home, rest and seek medical attention if necessary. 


Q: What is the Ice Cream Trail Challenge?
A: A challenge is a different from a race. Instead of completing a race distance and submitting a time, you have a longer distance, in this case 110 miles, to complete over the course of a few weeks or months. Our platform allows you to submit your miles as you go and will track your progress on our challenge map showing you how far you've covered thus far. Our challenge route visits all 18 ice cream shops across the St. Louis and St. Charles metro! How fast can you cover the distance? Here's an example of a current challenge map from the Missouri Endurance Challenge:


Q: Do I have to run the whole way on the Ice Cream Trail Challenge?
A: No. You can run, walk, hike or bike just keep log your daily activity when you can and you can track your progress to your goal. You just have to move and move often. Those miles aren't going to complete themselves.


Q: Do I have to stick to just one discipline for the Ice Cream Trail (ex: running, cycling)?
A: No, you can cover the mileage however you like. Bike 20 miles one day, hike, paddle or run the next. Just cover the distance.


Q: Do I keep track of my miles for the Ice Cream Trail?
A: You will log your miles on the Submit Mileage tab on the challenge website. We'll keep track and show you your progress on your route as you make your way to your goal. You can even earn badges as you make your way through your challenge.


Q: Can I log miles multiple times a day for the Ice Cream Trail?
A: Sure! You can log miles once or as many times a day as you like. You can submit multiple mileage entries a day on our submission page.


Q: Do I have to be fast?
A: No, not at all. My Mom is walking her way door to door for the Ice Cream Trail this summer!


Q: What do I get for participating?
A: Participants get a custom limited edition finisher’s medal with your corresponding amount of "scoops", a virtual race bib, gift card to your favorite ice cream shop from our partnering locations (2 gift cards if you do the Ziggy Piggy!), access to our fancy tracking software and offers from all our local ice cream shop partners.


Q: Do I need a GPS watch or smartphone app to track my mileage?
A: You can use whatever technology that works best of you to track your mileage, but we will not require any proof of activity. We call it the Honor System. We just made that up.


Q: Do treadmill miles count? How about elliptical miles?
A: Yes for treadmills miles. Yes for elliptical miles. But really? Get your butt out the door and enjoy that amazing Pennsylvania humidity!


Q: I'm running in another race during the same period as the challenge. Can I count those miles toward my total?
A: Yes.


Q: If I register after the challenge start date on July 8, do I still get till the end of the month to complete the ice cream challenge?
A: No, we will give you extra time to see how far you can get going door to door.


Q: Which miles count for the Ice Cream Trail?
A: Any miles accumulated walking, running, hiking and cycling with the specific purpose of exercise and logging miles count towards your challenge total. Steps counted by your FitBit at work don’t count. Steps counted because of your jimmy leg don’t count. Remember the Honor System.


Q: How will I report my miles?
A: Refer to the Results tab to submit miles for full details.


Q: Is there a minimum age to complete the Ice Cream Trail Challenge?
A: No minimum age, but we do offer a 1M Ice Cream Truck Chase race that is totally more appropriate for kids 10 and under.


Q: When do I receive my finisher medal?
A: We will start mailing them out, along with shirts toward the end of the challenge, late July.


Q: Why don't I get a shirt when registering?
A: We wanted to support the ice cream shops in St. Louis (they're near and dear to our hearts), so instead of giving everyone a shirt, we thought a gift card to their favorite ice cream shop would be WAY more fun! Don't worry we have t-shirts for sale (or you can earn one) if you really need one:)


Q: How much is the gift card worth?
A: Gift cards are worth $10. Except the 1 mile which is worth $5. 


Q: What do the medals look like and are shirts available?
A: See the Swag Tab for the medals, and shirts are available for purchase on the Store Tab


Q: What activities are there for me to participate in? 
A: We have a whole plethora for you to choose from! You can choose one race from a 5K run, 10K run, 10M bike, or 25M bike in the Single Scoop. You can choose two events for a Double Scoop, three for the Triple Scoop, or all four for the Quadruple Scoop! If that's not enough we also offer 1M Ice Cream Truck Chase, an Ice Cream Trail Challenge, and a Ziggy Pig which is ALL of these events! This is a family friendly event and we definitely have something for everyone.


Q: What the heck is the Ziggy Pig?
A: Bill and Ted would be disappointed. Check this out:

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