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The Michigander Bicycle Tour

Sat July 14 - Sat July 21 2018
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Location: Cheboygan, MI US 49721 Directions
Type: Other
Things to Know


We do not provide electricity in the camping area. For those with CPAP devices, we have a designated area nightly with electrical access, be sure to tick the CPAP box on the registration so we know how much space to plan.

Staying Connected

We have multiple complimentary charging stations for smart phones and other small electronics. Most locations will have WiFi, but not all do. Know that we do our best to ensure we have WiFi when possible so you don't eat up your cellular plan, but if you must stay in touch throughout the day, you may want to plan for excess plan fees as there will be times when we are passing through or sleeping in areas with no free WiFi access.

RVs and Campers

While there are a few crew RVs and Campers that travel with our crew, we are unable to provide additional parking areas for all RVs and Campers this year as space is tight in each location. If you have family members following you with an RV/Camper along they way, they may make reservations directly with area RV parks/campgrounds. 

Private SAGs

We understand some of you will bring your own private SAGs. All private SAGs must be registered, ensure you include them as add-ons and purchase the additional meal plans. This will help us to plan for you and your entourage.

Please note: staff and volunteers are not permitted to drive your vehicles, RVs, Campers, etc. at any time.