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The Sunshine State Challenge

Mon May 18 - Sat June 5

Mileage Questions

Q: Why is the Sunshine State Challenge 1,121 miles?
A: Well, if you've ever taken a crazy road trip around Florida, 1,121 is pretty darn close to what we measured when we pieced together one hell of a trip beginning in Pensacola and ending in Key West. 

Q: Why is the Mini Sunshine State Challenge 330 miles?
A: You're on a budget, time wise that is, and you want to see some awesome stuff, well our little 330M tour of Florida hits a lot of good stuff. From the beautiful beaches of St Pete, into bustling Tampa, then a short vacation with the mouse, before heading south to world famous Miami! This mini trip of Florida doesn't disappoint as you go Coast to Coast!

Q: When does my one year clock begin?
A: From the day you sign up you have one year! But since we're nice we'll give you a bonus day. If you sign up in the evening or just want to wait to the next day to start, that's fine too! We're not here to be super strict!

Q: Do I have to run 3.07 miles each day, or can I break it up and run more on the weekends?
A: We're not here to right your running (or walking) schedule. Run/walk the miles as you please, log them, and as long as you hit 1,121 miles within a year of starting, we'll get you your gear! But not a moment sooner!

Q: Do I have to run the whole way?
A: No. You can run or walk.

Q: Can I bike?
A: Only participants who chose the cycling event may count cycling miles. And just as runners/walkers cannot count cycling, cyclists cannot count running or walking.

Q: Do I need a GPS watch/tracker, or Strava? Will I need to show my watch or device for proof of running?
A: You can use one if you wish but it's not required. Strava has a free app and you can join our club to join others to track the progress of everyone and keep everyone motivated.

Q: Do treadmill miles count? What about Trail miles?
A: Treadmiles or trails, roads or tracks, hilly or flat, rain or shine, miles are miles! All miles count!

Q: I'm running in another race during the same period as the Sunshine State Challenge, can I count those miles towards the challenge?
A: We'll allow it.

Q: Which miles/kilometers count?
A: So yea, we can't be watching over you every step of your day but here's how we feel about miles/KMs that count.

If you're going out to exercise, those count. If you go out to run, count'em. You hit the treadmill, count'em. You're at Hartfield-Jackson and have to get from Terminal A to Terminal E...don't count those and next time choose a flight with a less inconvenient layover in Atlanta. So maybe disregard the fitbit that takes count of every motion you make and just count what you're focused on doing when you go for a workout. One exception, you can count mowing the yard, some of y'all have big yards and pushing a mower is hard work, you're welcome.

Q: How will I report my miles?
A: Refer to the "Tracking Mileage" section for full details.

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