Tri The Illini

Sun October 4, 2020 Champaign, IL 61820 US Directions

FAQs Specific to Tri The Illini:

Does the COVID-19 virus have any impact on the race? For the time being, everything will continue according to the original dates and times. We will send out emails and update the website if anything changes! In the event that we must cancel the race, your registration will be transferred to next year's race!

Where is the best place to spectate the athletes? For the swim segment of the race, the best place to view the athletes is outside of the ARC, looking down into the pool. For the bicycle and run segments, it may be best to stay near the finish line if you would like to take photos of an athlete!

Where is the Lost & Found? A lost and found bin will be set up in gym 3 of the ARC. 

What happens if there is bad weather? The race will take place rain or shine but if there happens to be lighting, the start time of the race will be delayed until the weather has settled. 

Will there be food and drinks for the athletes? Yes! Each athlete will receive a GU in their bag upon packet pick up. During the race athletes will be provided water & gatorade. At the finish line, we will have plenty of bananas, granola bars, bagels, pizza, water, and Gatorade available for the athletes.

Can I wear my ear pods while running or biking? No, unfortunately, headphones are not permitted.

Can I use an athletic watch or wear a heart rate sensor? Definitely!

Will the pool be heated? Yes! The pool will be heated to 78-80 degrees.

What is handed out at the aid stations? Water & Gatorade. There is an aid station out of transition 2, and at a point in the run course that you pass twice (at ¾ mile & 2¼ mile)!

Are any open lap swim hours available in the pool on Saturday the day before the race? No, but you are more than welcome to go to the ARC and swim in the outdoor pool on your own. But we will offer a free swim from 6:45 am to 7:15 am on race day!

I lost my confirmation email needed for packet pickup, what now? Don’t sweat it, we can search your name in our system!

How long after the official race start time, will I begin my swim? Athletes jump in the pool at 5 second intervals. If you estimated a swim time of 8+ minutes, expect to wait around 35-45 minutes.

Are we allowed to flip turn during the swim? Go for it!

I would like to adjust my swim time, is there any chance I can change it? Absolutely!  Simply click here to change your swim time.  You have until Thursday of race week to make changes to it: 

What are the bike rack/transition guidelines? Bike rack positions will be on a first-come, first-serve basis beginning at 6 am. The bikes must be positioned in alternating opposite directions, and there may only be 6 bikes per rack. Everything you need with you in transition may not impede any other athlete’s space, otherwise, it is subject to removal. Only athletes are permitted in the transition area. Volunteers will be available to answer any questions regarding the transition area.

Do I need to wear a helmet on the bike? Yes, helmets must be worn at all times while on your bike. Chin straps must be buckled at all times when on a bicycle. DO NOT unbuckle your chin strap unless you are off your bicycle. Failure to comply will lead to a penalty. 

Does a relay team have to have 3 members or can we compete with two? You can have two people in a relay and organize the two in whichever order you want. The cost would be the same as a normal three-person relay.

Will we have access to the locker rooms at the ARC? Yes!




FAQs for the Novice Triathlete:

Why would I want to do a triathlon? Not only is a triathlon a great way to get excellent exercise, but the whole atmosphere at events like TTI is a ton of fun, and you will meet friends of a lifetime!

What type of bike do I need in order to compete? As long as you have a functioning bike with two wheels and a front/rear brake, then you can complete the cycling portion. Mountain bikes and road bikes are all welcome! We would also recommend asking friends and family if they have a bike you could borrow in the event that you do not own a bike or would prefer a better one. 

What are some things that I need to have in order to be race-ready?

Swim: Swimsuit, cap, and goggles. (wetsuits are not allowed)

Bike: A bicycle, helmet, bike shoes/sneakers, water bottle with bottle mount on the bike

Run: A good fitting pair of running shoes! 

Lastly, A USAT membership

What is the best way to become physically prepared to complete the race? We recommend that you are able to swim at least 400 meters in a pool without stopping due to the fact that there will be people swimming behind and in front of you all throughout the swim portion. To get used to the feeling of running after cycling, we would also recommend doing a few practice workouts in which you run a couple of miles after about an hour of bicycling. 

What should I wear? You can find inexpensive triathlon outfits on online retailers that allow you to have a swimsuit and bike shorts in one outfit that can stay on the entire race! Otherwise, wear a swimsuit, and throw some athletic clothes on over your swimsuit while in transition!

What do I need in transition? A towel, socks, new clothes to throw on over your swimsuit (if you are not wearing a tri-kit), cycling shoes, helmet, athletic sunglasses, running shoes, and an extra bottle of water!

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