Cirque Series - Brighton, UT

Sat September 5, 2020 Brighton, UT US 84121 Directions

Sport Division (beginner / intermediate )

$79 Registration ends September 5, 2020 at 12:59pm MDT

Expert Divison

$79 Registration ends September 5, 2020 at 12:59pm MDT

Pro Division

$79 Registration ends September 5, 2020 at 12:59pm MDT
Race Website

Additional race information can be found at

Additional Fees
National Forest Fee: $2.00
8302 S Brighton Loop Rd
Brighton, UT US 84121

Join us for Cirque Series race at Brighton, Utah!  6.7 miles featuring 3,015 vert.

*COVID:  As we continue to watch the COVID situation evolve, for safety measures, we are supplying masks (neckgaiters) for every runner, medic, volunteer. Starting at registration, all our employees will have a neckgaiter on, each participant will receive a neckgaiter in their bib-pick-up materials.  All runners will be required to wear neckgaiter at all times during the event, with the exception of after the first 1/4 mile of the race, you can remove your mask for the entirety of the race, until you cross the finish line, then we will require you to put neckgaiter back on. We plan on mass start, but we are open to a 20 minute 'rolling start' to thin out the start crowd, TBD.  All sponsors & spectators will be required to be in a mask, my staff will have adequate supplies of masks to issue one to anyone we see not wearing one. Anyone affiliated with our races will have a mask on. Sponsors of the event will be required to follow strict sanitary measures for their tent, each tent will have hand sanitizer as well.  Our staff that handles setting up registration & bib pick up materials will follow strict sanitary measures, same as race day handling of awards & prizes. 

*For safety purposes, competitors will receive aid station nutrition in registration bags, we will provide Honey Stinger gels & Gnarly Hydrate for all participants. We will require all competitors to bring your own water bottles, we will not provide community water jugs, aid station fuel, or finish line hydration. Please note we'll still place emergency water jugs stationed on the course in Aid Stations & finish line in case of emergency. Please bring enough water for pre-race, during race, & post-race.

*We will ask any runner or spectator to avoid entering the race venue if they have a cough or fever. The reality that older adults & those with chronic medical conditions may be at higher risk for serious illness - if you are an older adult, we ask you to take this into serious consideration prior to potentially registering for a race.

*All Cirque Series staff have will be asked not to come to work if they feel sick (including any of the following: headache, sore throat, fever, dry cough, recent inability to taste and smell, shortness of breath, ear aches, body aches, diarrhea, fatigue, vomiting, & abdominal pain).

For more in regards to COVID, please see our FAQ.

Prizes will be distributed at the end of each event and for the overall series winners. There are three categories in which the prizes will be given out: Sport, Expert and Professional. The below cash prizes are based on 500 participants, if less than 500 participants sign up prize list will be porportianly adjusted to the overall number of participants.  Prizes for overall placement are as follows:

1st place - $1000
2nd place - $300
3rd place - $200

1st - $400 in Gear
2nd - $300 in Gear
3rd - $200 in Gear

1st - $300 in Gear
2nd - $200 in Gear
3rd - $100 in Gear

Peak Freak - the first male & female athlete to summit the iconic peak wins a prize from On Running.

Grom Award - the youngest competitor will win a prize from Black Diamond.

Middle of the Pack Award - the person that finished exactly middle will win a prize form Kodiak cakes.

Overall Winner + Points
The racers with the most points at the end of all races will be declared the overall winner.  The best 4 results will be used to determine the series point total for athletes.  The top 20 racers of each event will obtain points. The following is the per stage breakdown as a function of place:

1 - 50pt    6 - 30pt    11 - 20pt 16 - 10pt 
2 - 40pt    7 - 28pt    12 - 18pt 17 - 8pt
3 - 36pt    8 - 26pt    13 - 16pt 18 - 6pt
4 - 34pt    9 - 24pt    14 - 14pt 19 - 4pt
5 - 32pt    10 - 22pt    15 - 12pt 20 - 2pt

1ST - $1000
2ND - $300
3RD - $200

1ST -$400 IN GEAR
2ND-$300  IN GEAR
3RD-$200  IN GEAR

1ST -  $300 IN GEAR
2ND - $200  IN GEAR
3RD - $100  IN GEAR

**Men's and Women's Divisions


Early bib pick up, Thursday, June 25: TBD

Saturday, June 27: - 7:30am-9:00am - Bib pickup available at the race venue. Please arrive early enough to pickup your packet and get ready. We will start promptly at 10AM. We strongly encourage to pick up bibs night before race.

The last day to register is the morning on the day of the event.  We are capping each race at 500 entries, we encourage you to sign up right away.

Bibs / Timing Chips

Cirque Series will utilize Competitive Timing to time this event using a disposable chip placed on the back of your bib.

Do not fold, crush, modify or remove the chip from the bib. Failing to wear the chip properly may cause the chip to malfunction and for your time not to be recorded, i.e. "in the results".

You may dispose of the chip/bib after the race is over.

Rules / Guidelines
  • Please help us preserve the beauty of our mountains and assist in maintaining an enjoyable, safe event for everyone involved.
  • Please respect private property near the trails. Do not trespass. 
  • No littering: Participants are encouraged to carry water and food during the event. 
  • Please dispose of all waste and recyclables in the proper containers. 
  • Please be respectful of all Forest Service officials. 
  • Do not impede another runner. 
  • Leave no trace: Pack-in pack-out.

We will provide Honey Stinger gels Gnarly Hydrate for all participants.

Race Contact Info

If you have any questions about this race, click the button below.

Packet Pick up

Thursday, June 25: TBD

Saturday, June 27: 7:30am-9:00am - Bib pickup available at the race venue. Please arrive early enough to pickup your packet and get ready. We will start promptly at 10AM. We strongly encourage to pick up bibs night before race.


Race starts at the base of Millicent chair, (elevation 8755' ft.), start your ascent at base of Milly Express chair. Immediately you start gaining elevation as you run up the service road via Main Street. The steep road treats you to views of beautiful Aspen groves and spruce trees. Not much time to rest here as you gain mid mountain, Easy Street will connect to BackBone Trail, really cool views of Milly Bowl. Continue up the BackBone Trail with a view of Mt. Millicent straight ahead (and a great view of Wolverine Cirque). Once you get to the top of Milly Express, there will be an aid station here, mile 1.8, now the real fun begins, you'll head straight up Mt. Millicent, the trail consists of big boulders, single track, loose & steep sections that will require use of your hands, yet a very passable path that has seen lots of foot traffic. Incredible views of Wolverine Cirque. Once you have hit the summit of Mt. Millicent (10,452' ft), you'll catch your breath, run along the ridge towards the saddle between Mount Wolverine and Mt. Tuscarora, this will be amazing singletrack, big boulder fields, & variable snow travel. Please be confident in your stepping.

This area will be a much welcomed ease of severe climbing you experienced pushing for Mt. Millicent summit. You'll pass Mt. Tuscarora on your left, begin to make a short, but technical descent to Catherine's Pass, incredible views of both Alta & Brighton, steep & technical area w plenty of snow, again, please be confident in your steps, & mindful of your fellow competitors. Pass Catherine's Pass, follow the trail along the famous "Rocky Point" ridge as you will have Sunset Peak in your vision for the next summit, we've installed ropes in a technical area on the Sunset Peak ascent, please snow down, allow others to carefully navigate the ropes area. The ropes area is a no passing zone. On the summit of Sunset Peak (elevation 10,648' ft.), you will have amazing views of Lake Catherine, Devils Castle, Timpanogos, & Heber Valley, truly a breathtaking summit. From here you descend Sunset Peak, it will be a mix of snow travel & rock ridge, please be mindful of snow travel for rocks existing just beneath the snow surface. After Sunset Peak descent, you will traverse Pioneer Ridge summiting Pioneer Peak (elevation 10,447 ft.) along the way to the top of Crest Express. Pioneer Ridge has an incredible view of Brighton and Heber the entire way. A well marked trail will require full concentration as it is steep & loose in spots.
Arrive top of Crest Express, there will be another Aid Station, mile 4.8. Start to descend down service road via Pacific Highway Trail and Powder Alley Trail, until you get back to main base of Brighton, you will make one last push on the service road by via the Milly access road to the finish line back at base of Millicent chair where you started. Please stay on marked & established trails at all times, be courteous of your day hikers out enjoying nature on the same trails. The race course is located on the Salt Lake Ranger District, Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.

**course subject to change as neccassary
**Every competitor is subject to a strict cut-off time, at top of Milly Express chair (Aid station #1), 45 minute cut-off


The course is the most direct route to the high alpine, it is steep, but intuitive, you will be pushing hard for the summit, putting yourself to your capacity, lungs, grit, and strength. Please note, we will have the course well marked, it is imperative, for your safety, you follow precise path of flagging.  On Mt. Millicent summit area in particular, please be prepared to slow down, pay close attention to your footwork in the technical boulder fields, if you kick a rock loose, immediately yell 'rock' to notify fellow competitors you have kicked a rock loose. If you are further down the course and you hear, 'rock!', please do not look up, please turn your back and protect your head.  We can't stress this section enough, careful footwork, look out for the safety of yourself and fellow competitors equally.

We will provide Honey Stinger gels & Gnarly Hydrate for all participants. 

Cancellation / Refund Policy:  the race organizers reserve the ability to cancel the event due to unsafe weather, any variety of circumstances, etc. Race organizers will make the best decisions when it comes to protecting the safety of all runners. This means we reserve the right to adjust, cancel, reroute, or reschedule as we see fit.

Because the bulk of our costs come before the event even occurs we will not be able to extend refunds to those who wish to cancel their registration. We will assess things appropriately & fairly, to the best of our abilities. If the race is popular enough to create a waiting list, we will also treat your entry fairly with specifics TBD.

Race registration is non transferable & cannot be rolled over to subsequent races. We will always treat our community fairly but also ask that you be sympathetic about the realities of putting on a great event. Anyone running under a bib assigned to another athlete will be banned from future Cirque Series Races, we take this very seriously because it creates a safety issue.

*SPORT: This category is for people that don't have a ton of mountain experience, and wouldn't call themselves strong runners. But are ready to test themselves.

*EXPERT: This category is for people with a lot of mountain experience, consider themselves strong hikers with competent running skills.

*PRO: This category is for professional & sponsored athletes.

Results will be posted here 48 hours after the event.

By signing up, you have opted-in to potentially receive digital marketing from our sponsors.

Training via Eric Orton

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