Egg Hunt at the Finish!

Beautiful Spring Day at Gardner Village

The "REAL" Easter Bunny attends

Ears Included in Registration

Due to COVID19 the 2020 Eggs Legs is postponed for one year or you can do a virtual race

We are sorry to have to offer these options instead of the Eggs Legs for April 2020:

Option #1  - Deferral or Race Transfer. Deferrals are when you take your 2020 race fee and apply it to this same race in 2021. Race Transfer is taking your race fees and applying them to a future On Hill Events race up to 11 months out. If you do it as a deferral or as a race transfer you must select it here but then login to Self Management tool on the website to finalize it by selecting deferral or selecting which race to transfer the fees to. Please do this by clicking the Self Management tool on the upper right hand icon of the website. 

Option #2 - Virtual Option.  Runners can also do this race Virtually as well. A Virtual race is doing it on your own and reporting your times. We mail your medal shirt and bib. We are waving shipping fees for sending out medal, bib, and shirt because we are not having to pay for staff for this race. Please confirm your address is correct for shipping by clicking the Self Management tool on the website which is the upper right hand icon on the page. 

Option #3 - Donation Option. One more option you can donate your race fees because we are broke during this time!!! This virus thing is killing race companies and donations are greatly appreciated. 

COVID19 On Hill Events Race Guarantee: We will announce a race cancellation date 30 days prior to a race day if we have to cancel due to COVID19. If we cancel any race due to Covid19 at 30 days prior, we will allow you to defer or transfer your race fees freely up to race day. If the new race still happens we will not announce the cancellation at 30 days and standard deferral and transfer rules will apply. Deferral is pushing your race fees of the same race to a future year. Transferring is pushing your race fees to a future On Hill Events race within 11 months. If you have deferred or transferred your fees previously, you can do it again if the future event gets cancelled by this COVID19 crisis, until this crisis is over. 


Some people have asked us to do a postponement on races. The issue with this is we do 20+ races annually. It would kill us to have a race each week all fall. Two if we were to do this we would overwhelm the race system. A great example is the Ogden Marathon moving to a week after Huntsville Marathon and a week prior to St George Marathon. Instead of having 3 successful races in 2020 you will have 3 thinned out races because most are not running each weekend especially seeing the Ogden Marathon and Huntsville Marathon overlap 7 miles of their courses. Lastly we put in around 9 to 12 months worth of work into these races with permitting and volunteer coordination which would be impossible to make happen under a small window.


Here Are Your Options:

We will transfer your registration to the new On Hill Events Race or defer it to the 2021 Legacy Duathlon once it is set or allow you to racing a future On Hill Events race within 11 months of race day. Thanks for your patience!  

Remember if you select this you will still need to go to the home page of the website and select which option you want. You can defer to 2021. You can transfer these fees to another On Hill Events race in the next 11 months. 

Check out our COVID19 Guarantee above!!!

Virtual races happen all the time, and allow you to join the fun without the crowds. You simply run the distance on your own, and report your results - we’ll send you instructions.

You understand that events are expensive, even when cancelled, and you want us to keep your registration fees to help cover our costs. We deeply appreciate your generosity and look forward to seeing you at an event soon.

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