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Location: Lynchburg, VA US 24502 Directions
Type: Triathlon
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Liberty University Indoor Triathlon
7:00AM EST - 11:00AM EST
1971 University Blvd
Lynchburg, VA US 24502

DATE: Feb 4th at 7am at the LaHaye Recreation & Fitness Center in GreenHall. Doors open at 6am. 
THE RACE: This is the first event in the 2017 Virginia Commnwealth Games! There will be 5 waves of 16 people starting two people to a lane. Each participant will swim as far as they can in 10 minutes and then then is a 5 min transition to spin bikes. Everyone then spins on a provided spin bike for 30 minutes as far as then can. There is another 5 min transition to the treadmills and the participants run as far as they can for 20 minutes. Once one wave starts the bike the next wave will get in the pool and start. 
POINTS/HOW YOU WIN: Total available points are based on the total number of participants in the event. For this example, let's say there are 100 people in event. The athlete who swam the farthest in the pool receives 100 points. The second farthest swim receives 99 points and so on. Same for the bike and run. The three scores for each participant are totaled for an overall score.

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