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3Peat Trail Challenge

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3Peat Trail Challenge

Ready to take it to another level!  Then set your goal to complete the 3Peat Trail Challenge that consists of 3 different dirt trail hikes/runs/rides totaling 30.6 miles at Pocahontas State Park (11 Miles), Leakes Mill Park (9.3) and the James River Park (10.3).

The 3Peat Trail Challenge is a cross between a relay and an ultra event. You can bike, hike, or run each of the trail segments. Your time starts when you leave the parking lot for your first loop and ends when you get back to the parking lot after the third park trail loop. Yes, your travel time does count in your total time. If you stop for lunch or go to the bathroom the clock keeps ticking. Remember, the clock starts when you leave the lot and ends when you finish the third lap back to the starting point. You can do it over weeks or all in one day. It is up to you.

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Fastest Known Time Guidelines

Your time starts when you leave the first parking lot for your first trail loop and ends when you arrive back after completing your third trail loop at the third parking lot. You can also do the trail loops in any order. You will just need to keep track of your adventure with GPS and photos to provide proof of your time. 

We will keep track of fastest known times that are sent to us on a leaderboard on this website.

James River Park & Forest Hill Park Loop

This trail loop is the most difficult both because of the elevation changes but also because of the roots, rocks and other obstacles.

Travel counterclockwise through Forest Hill Park, then clockwise through James River Park.

Course Map

FKT Categories

Driving between Parks:

  • Fastest time driving between parks & hiking/running each loop
  • Fastest time driving between parks & mountain biking each loop
  • Fastest time driving between parks & hiking/running and biking each of the loop

Biking between Parks:

  • Fastest time biking between parks & hiking/running each loop
  • Fastest time biking between parks & mountain biking each loop
  • Fastest time biking between parks & hiking/running and mountain biking each loop

Hiking/Running between Parks:

  • Fastest time hiking/running between parks & hiking/running each loop

Pocahontas State Park

The run and bike courses are separate in Pocahontas State Park.  Please respect all of the rules of the park including no nighttime riding or running. Please visit,, for official park rules and regulations.

Hike/Run Course Bike Course

RVA Trail Report

Before you head out the door for your challenge check out the latest conditions on RVA Trail Report. They updates their social media pages daily to indicate if the trails are open or closed.

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Leakes Mill Park

The logistics at Leak’s Mill Park are the easiest of the three loops. Please note that night riding and running is not allowed. While this trail loop was designed and built by mountain bikers it is open to both. The trail is marked as one directional. 

Course Map

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