Pacific Northwest Virtual Swim

Tue June 22 - Wed September 22, 2021

PNVS Virtual Swim

$40 Registration ends August 22, 2021 at 11:59pm PDT
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Event Description:   This is a virtual event accumulating swimming distances for individual swims for a trip on and around Puget Sound. Do it alone, or do it as a team.  See just how far you can go and learn about our giant salt water swimming pool. e.g. Survive the Sound ( and Fishes | Encyclopedia of Puget Sound (

 You can swim in fresh water or salt water to accumulate distances.  Can you go all 318 miles?

Duration:   Event begins the first day of Summer (6/22/2021) and ends the last day of Summer (9/22/2021).

Awards/Prizes:   T-shirts with outline of Puget Sound with various waypoints from Olympia to Blaine at the Canadian Border to Belfair on Hood Canal.  You’ll start in Olympia (virtually) and reach as many waypoints as you can during the event.  T-shirts can be modified at Last Splash of Summer (9/25/21) to reflect just how far along Puget Sound your accumulated Summer Swims got you/your team.  Also collect virtual badges for each Waypoint you pass.

Entry Fee:        Solo Swimmer  $40 each / Team Swimmers $35 each  (2 swimmers must sign up on the initial registration, additional swimmers may be added later)

Sign-up and recording procedures:  Registration will be done on RunSignUp ( Once we have uploaded our registrations file, around the 17th of June, you will receive an invitation from ( is where you will log your swim distances in. They will provide instructions for setting up your account, downloading the app, linking it to your smart watch / device and send out the virtual badges as you reach each of your waypoints along the route.  

Registration received after the official start of the event, June 22nd, will receive an invite from a day or two after registration. There might be a delay of one to two days between registration and when you receive your invite. 

Course InformationWaypoints:

North from Olympia                                                       


Boston Harbor8 Miles
Johnson Point13 Miles
Anderson Island20 Miles
Steilacoom25 Miles
Narrows Bridge32 Miles
Owens Beach, Pt Defiance39 Miles
Dash Point43 Miles
Maury Island48 Miles
Alki Point, W Seattle62 Miles
Discovery Park, Seattle68 Miles
Edmonds78 Miles
Everett94 Miles
Tulalip99 Miles
Camano Island Bridge113 Miles
Hwy 20 Bridge, Swinomish129 Miles
Samish Island138 Miles
Lummi Island145 Miles
Neptune Beach157 Miles
Blaine, Canadian Border172 Miles
Patos Island189 Miles
Fort Warden, Port Townsend239 Miles
Indian Island Bridge247 Miles
Port Ludlow254 Miles
Hood Canal Bridge260 Miles
Seabeck278 Miles
Hamma Hamma292 Miles
Skokomish305 Miles
Belfair318 Miles

Some things to consider:

Traveling from the Canadian Border to Belfair on the Hood Canal along the west side of Puget Sound has longer distances between waypoints.  Only 12 waypoints on the west side of Puget sound verses 21 waypoints on the more populated east side.

You have 93 days to accumulate your swim distances.  At 318 total miles, or just under 560,000 yards, for the full loop - that’s a lot of distance to go the whole way. If that is too many for you (or your relay team), consider a swim to the Canadian border or just Seattle or go until your arms fall off.  

The chart below shows you the average daily yardage needed for 5, 6 or 7 day a week swims for one person, for the full loop, an east or west Puget Sound swim to/from the Canadian Border or an Olympia to Seattle swim.  As it is kind of an individual thing, we couldn’t compute how many yards you would have to go daily until your arms fall off.

                                                                                        Swims per Week                      

  Swims Per Week
 Total Yards5 Swims6 Swims7 Swims
Full Puget Sound Swim Tour559,6808,6107,1756,150
Olympia to Canadian Border302,7204,6573,8813,327
Canadian Border to Belfair256,9603,9533,2942,824
Olympia to Discovery Park, Seattle119,6801,8411,5341,315

Use the chart to figure out if you want to swim alone, or how many other swimmers you would need to accumulate enough daily yardage to complete your journey.  The formula for computing the distance needed for any waypoint is:

(Miles on Waypoint chart x 1760 yards) / (Average swims per week x 13 weeks)

So to recap, if you are thinking of swimming from Olympia to Dash Point on a relay team of 2 swimmers, one swimming 3 days a week and one swimming 5 days per week the calculations would look like this:

(43 miles x 1760 yards) / ((3 + 5 swims per week) x 13 weeks)

75,680 yards / 104 swims

728 yards per swim would be needed to complete that swim

Virtual Badges will be awarded for each waypoint reached after you record your distances swum.  Record your distances as often as you want in SoDiSp.

Each swimmer, solo or on a team will get a shirt with an image of Puget Sound on the front.  Join us at the Last Splash of Summer Swim (9/25/21 at Angle Lake) to record your completed swim on your T-shirt. Each swimmer will also receive individual results as well as team results.

Safety: Participants’ FIRST PRIORITY must be their own safety during this event.  Swimmers will choose their swimming location(s), e.g., pool, lake, sound, etc. – and need to consider the hazards each presents and their own abilities to address those hazards.  Your safety is YOUR responsibility.  We obviously will not know when or where you will choose to complete your swims, so there is nothing we can do to save you if you run into trouble.  As a non-profit organization we provide this event for your enjoyment, but we can’t take responsibility for your safety.

We will make you sign a waiver, releasing us of liability for your participation, when you register.  But our goal is not to avoid responsibility, it is to convince you to avoid a safety issues in the first place.  So please take your safety very seriously.  Don’t swim more than you can swim, don’t swim in conditions that are unsafe for your ability, swim with a buddy or have boat support, watch out for boats/docks/other swimmers on open water, and stop if you need to – make sure there is a tomorrow (that might be your day).  


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