J-Hawk Aquatic Club Spring Swim Lessons (Read Instructions BELOW Class Options)

Mon April 1 - Thu May 9 Whitewater, WI US 53190 Directions
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Additional race information can be found at http://www.j-hawks.org.

580 South Elizabeth Street
430 Assembly Court
Whitewater, WI US 53190

We offer a variety of swim lessons for all different levels. 

Look at the different class selections and pick the one that best fits your child's needs.  Our goal is to teach children how to swim in a short amount of time.  Our classes are aggressive but creative, as well.  

Class sessions are 6 weeks long (Sept-Oct, Oct/Nov - Dec, Jan-Feb, April-May, June-July).

Classes are offered Mondays through Thursdays, 5:30pm-6:30pm.  Mondays/Wednesdays are at the Whitewater Aquatic Center (attached to Whitewater High School) and Tuesday/Thursday are at UW-Whitewater's, Williams Center pool.

Payment Options:
1.  Prepay on-line using a credit card.
2.  Paying by check?  Use one of the following:  Coupons for 1 day/week:  CHECK25     Coupon for 2 days/week:  CHECK50
3.  Do you qualify for free school lunches?  If yes, then our lessons are free.  Please bring a copy of your lunch letter to your first lesson.
          Use the following:  Coupon for 1 day/week:  FREE25     Coupon for 2 days/week:  FREE50
4.  Do you qualify for reduced school lunches?  If yes, then you pay 1/2 price.  Please bring a copy of your lunch letter to your first lesson.
          Use the following:  Coupon for 1 day/week:  REDUCED12    Coupon for 2 days/week:  REDUCED25
Do you have 3 or more children in lessons and/or swim team?  Coupon code:  BIGFAMILY

30 Minute Classes:
Tots (2-3 year olds):  Children are introduced to the water, without their parent/guardian, through fun and toys.
Clingers (3+ yrs old):  Would you walk away from your child, in deep water?  If the answer is NO, then this is the group you want.  The focus is learning how to swim and we expect our 6 and older swimmers to be able to swim across the pool, in 18 lessons.

45 Minute Classes:
Self-Supporters:  These swimmers can swim, on their own, for a short time (10 yards).  The focus is now on more technique and building better endurance, so they can play and have fun, on their own.  Freestyle and backstroke are emphasized.
Pre-Competition:  These are the more advanced swimmers that can swim back and forth comfortably.  We introduce all 4 competitive strokes.

Is Your Child Crying?  (Tots & Clingers)
No worries!  Many young children cry when they do not know or trust a new person or are afraid.  For most, it's the first time that Mom and Dad won't be getting in the water with them.  Your child will learn to trust the instructors the more they are with the teacher..  Sometimes, they cry for 1-2 weeks.  Sometimes, they just randomly cry.  It's okay.  Our instructors will still take them away from the wall and work with them.  It's the only way to build trust that they'll be okay.

Goggles and Caps:
We sell $6 goggles and typically have a supply of junk caps (we got for free).  If the only thing holding your child back, from progressing, is not putting their eyes in the water, then they should get goggles.  Hair coming around the eyes can also distract kids, so caps are a good thing, but are not required.

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