Ruel Sword is the Program Director again for 2019:

Hi!  I am so incredibly thrilled to direct this program for a fourth year.  In a nutshell:  I am mom to a 16 year old son, I work full time in real estate.... And, I am a runner...but I was not always a runner....

As a child, I was not athletic in any way...I was uncoordinated, slow and weak.  In junior high, I made the attempt to run track.  Unfortunately, the coach was semi-sadistic and I found myself DREADING each practice.  I quit before the season was over.  From that point on, I connected running to a most unpleasant, stressful, painful activity.  When I hit my 20's and gained those extra pounds, I learned to semi-enjoy jogging around with music.  I realized that I could stop and walk whenever I needed to walk and IT WAS OK!  I ran/walked for years, however, I mainly thought of running as means to lose weight.  I did not honestly enjoy or love it.  Somewhere along the way, I decided to sign up for the Bearathon, the toughest half marathon in Texas.  I enjoyed that race so I did a few 5Ks and another half marathon and then made the big decision that I was ready to train for a full marathon.  At that point, I made a GREAT decision and joined The Waco Striders Running club. Not only do I benefit from this organization on a daily basis for my running, I consider many of the people that I have met through this club my best friends and family.

Since joining the Waco Striders, I have enjoyed many running accomplishments:   I finished Overall Female in The Army Marathon in 2015.  I finished 2nd place female in Miracle Match Marathon in 2015 and 2016.  I have finished as Overall Female Masters in The Fort Worth Marathon in 2015 and 2016, as well as 2016 Female Masters in The Cowtown Marathon.  I have run the Boston Marathon in 2015 and 2016.  I completed a 50 mile Ultra Marathon in 2015.

In sharing a little bit of my history with you....I want to let you know that YOU ARE A RUNNER!!  It does not matter at what pace you long as you make the decision to lace up those shoes and GO!  YOU will be out there finishing a 5K race by the end of this program! 

Again, I am truly honored to direct this program for a 4th year!  We are going to have a blast!  Feel free to reach out to me anytime: