Bike Course

Bike Distance: 22.53 miles
Bike Course Rules:
  - Athletes must have their helmet on at all times while riding.
  - It is the responsibility of each athlete to know and understand the bike course.
  - DO NOT liter or abandon any equipment while on course.
  - Music is not allowed on the bike at any time.
  - No drafting. Slower riders stay right, pass on the left and return to the right shoulder of the road.

Course Support: Support vehicles are out on course and stationed throughout the route in the case you need any type of assistance / mechanical support. Please notify a volunteer of any situation and race control will be made known of the situation to send mechanical help. Be patient if you're caught with a mechanical need as out support crews may be helping other athletes.

0.00mi Head west toward Labaree St
0.03mi Turn right onto Labaree St
0.04mi Head northwest on Labaree St toward Hill Ct
0.17mi Head north on Labaree St toward N 4th St
0.24mi Head northeast on N 4th St toward Hill St
0.37mi Head northeast on N 4th St toward Hill St
0.61mi Turn left onto Carl Schurz Dr
0.62mi Head northwest on Carl Schurz Dr toward Glendale Ave
0.88mi Head west on Carl Schurz Dr toward Center St
0.96mi Turn right onto Center St
0.97mi Head north on Center St toward E Arcade Ave
1.17mi Head north on Co Rd M/Center St toward E Leonard St Continue to follow Co Rd M
1.71mi Turn left onto Cast Rd
1.71mi Head northwest on Cast Rd toward Second Street Rd
1.84mi Head west on Cast Rd toward Second Street Rd
2.10mi Turn right onto Second Street Rd
2.23mi Head north on Second Street Rd toward Hillview Ln
2.74mi Turn left onto Silver Creek Rd
2.75mi Head west on Silver Creek Rd toward Cottonwood Ct
3.09mi Head west on Silver Creek Rd toward Hinze Ln
3.30mi Head west on Silver Creek Rd toward County Rd L
3.59mi Head west on Silver Creek Rd toward Welsh Rd
4.61mi Head north on Welsh Rd toward County Hwy Q/County Rd Q
4.75mi Head north on Welsh Rd toward County Hwy Q/County Rd Q
5.61mi Turn left onto County Hwy Q/County Rd Q
5.72mi Head west on County Hwy Q/County Rd Q toward Welsh Rd
6.49mi Head west on County Hwy Q/County Rd Q toward Co Rd K
7.18mi Head west on County Hwy Q/County Rd Q toward Wood Rd
7.93mi Head west on County Hwy Q/County Rd Q toward Ranch Rd
11.74mi Turn left onto Middle Rd
11.79mi Head east on Middle Rd toward Vel Rd
13.25mi Turn left onto Barry Rd
13.25mi Head north on Barry Rd
13.59mi Head north on Barry Rd toward Long Rd
14.24mi Turn right onto Long Rd
14.61mi Head east on Long Rd toward Walton Rd
14.75mi Continue straight onto Walton Rd
15.22mi Head south on Walton Rd toward Provimi Rd
15.50mi Turn left onto Provimi Rd
15.63mi Head east on Provimi Rd toward Rich Rd
16.61mi Head east on Provimi Rd toward Howard Dr
17.43mi Turn left onto Welsh Rd
17.58mi Head north on Welsh Rd toward Silver Creek Rd
17.78mi Head north on Welsh Rd toward Silver Creek Rd
17.93mi Head north on Welsh Rd toward Silver Creek Rd
17.94mi Turn right onto Silver Creek Rd
18.73mi Head east on Silver Creek Rd toward County Rd L
19.71mi Head east on Silver Creek Rd toward Cottonwood Ct
19.81mi Turn right onto Second Street Rd
20.39mi Head south on Second Street Rd toward Cast Rd
20.45mi Turn left onto Cast Rd
20.84mi Turn right onto Co Rd M
21.08mi Head south on Center St toward Boulder Rd
21.59mi Turn left onto Carl Schurz Dr
21.82mi Head east on Carl Schurz Dr toward Glendale Ave
21.94mi Turn right onto N 4th St
22.31mi Turn left onto Labaree St
22.45mi Head southeast on Labaree St toward Anne St
22.52mi Turn left
22.55mi Destination


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