Hawaii From Home

Mon October 5 - Sun October 11


When is the deadline to submit results? 
All results must be submitted by Oct. 11 at midnight MST. 


When does registration close?
Registration for Hawaii From Home will close on Sunday October 4th, at midnight.  

When will I receive my goodie bag?

If you register by September 10 goodie bags with swag and sponsor products will be sent through USPS.  Please remember this is sent through the mail and will need to be patient.  All international shipments may take longer than expected.   If you registered after September 10, you will receive your goodie bag and swag several weeks after the event concluded.  If your address in your RunSignUp account is outdated, please update it now. Click on Profile, where you can then edit your personal details. If your address is not in RunSignUp, you may add it now. Likewise, you may email challenges@pocketoutdoormedia.com. If shipping international, additional fees may apply. 


How do I manage my registration?

You can make many changes on your own through your RunSignUp account.  Here are some tutorial links to guide you along the way:

​To update your personal info (fix a typo in your name, change your email address, join a team or club, etc.): MODIFY PROFILE

Did you accidentally delete your confirmation email with all the race details or need a receipt? No worries! You can send yourself a new one: RESEND CONFIRMATION EMAIL


Can I do the swim, bike, run in any order I choose?

For solo athletes, we encourage you to make this an actual triathlon - do the swim, bike, run in order and finish a discipline in its entirety before moving onto the next. For example on Monday you swim 1 mile; on Tuesday you swim the remaining 1.4 miles; then on Wednesday you set out to tackle a portion of the bike and so forth. That being said, we know swim appointments and work schedules can be tricky, so as long as you get all the distances completed within the seven days, regardless of order, it will still count and you will still be entered to win the grand prize. The important thing is to challenge yourself.

For relay teams, since one individual is solely responsible for one discipline, teammates can be working toward completion of their discipline concurrently. Meaning, you don’t need to wait for your teammate to finish the swim before you or your next teammate start the bike.

Regardless of your category - solo or relay team - be sure to log your activities through our online tracker, either manually or by uploading a GPS file as it will compile your daily miles into a cumulative total and show your progress towards 140.6.


Where can I do the swim, bike, and run? 

At home! This is Hawaii From Home—so while we’ll all be celebrating completing a full-distance together, where you do it from is your choice. Our Big Island challenge, your neighborhood. Swim in your pool (indoor or outdoor) or a nearby lake, ocean or river. Ride and run either indoors or anywhere you want outside. If you complete the triathlon legs outside, please follow all rules of the road and comply with COVID-19 health precautions in your area—practice social distancing. You may also ride on Zwift, Rouvy, or Peloton.  


How far are each of the legs?

The swim is 2.4 miles or 4,225 yards or 3,863 meters. The bike is 112 miles or 180.2 kilometers. And the run is a marathon—26.2 miles or 42.2 kilometers.


How do I report my distance?

You need to record and submit your distance through our results page on RunSignUp.com. Record all your swims, bikes, and runs during race week and all your miles will be added up along the way! This is an honor system. While you can report your time and distance manually, ideally you use a GPS watch or computer to track and upload the file. (Yes, we know swimming GPS can be funky; if you do the swim in a pool and choose to count your laps that’s OK too!) 


I am registered, but i am having problems submitting results or seeing my name in the results?  

No problem, go back into your profile and follow these steps. 


Are times verified?

No. For the virtual event, times and distances reported are on the honor system. You do not  have to post a time in order to log your distance. You may enter that you completed 10 miles and not enter an associated time. Your time will show up as "NONE." Remember: This is a  triathlon; if you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself.


Do Peloton or Zwift or Rouvy miles count?

Yes, however, there is no syncing feature between the platforms. You will need to submit your miles on RunSignUp.com when you are finished with your activity.  


Do I log miles or kilometers?

Miles, please. However, we know some distances are tracked in yards or meters—which is why we did the conversion before you above.


How do relay teams work? 

Just like a relay in a regular triathlon.  Three athletes must sign up for a relay team, with one athlete doing the swim, one doing the bike, and one doing the run. Just record your individual results under your team registration. Each team member will need to log their activities through our online tracker, either manually or by uploading a GPS file, and it will compile your daily miles into a cumulative total and show your progress.  Please note, actual disciplines - be it swim, bike or run - can not be shared among team members.  A single discipline must be completed by a single member of the team.  Teammates may work toward completion of their discipline concurrently.


Can I sign up with my tri club?  

Yes! You can sign up individually and designate a tri club affiliation. We encourage you to challenge other tri clubs to see who’s club is the fastest?  Please note a tri club affiliation is not permit-able for relay teams.  


Can international athletes participate?

Yes, there are additional fees that will apply and it may take longer for their goodie bag to arrive.  Shipping rates are varied based on weight to your specific country.  You can also forgo your swag and receive a discount and just partake in the challenge.  


Will participants be rewarded based on times?

No, because participants are riding in different locations, elevations, conditions, and courses. We will not award any prizes based on time—but that doesn’t mean you can’t challenge yourself. See next question regarding prizes for everyone!


Will there be any prizes?

Yes! EVERYONE who registers for Hawaii From Home will be entered to win daily raffle prizes during race week. Finishers will also be entered for the grand prize drawing at the end of the week.


My name was selected in one of the many prize drawings. When and how do I get that prize?

Prize drawings will be announced through your email we have on file. Physical prizes will be mailed using your address that you provided in the registration process and digital prizes will be emailed shortly after the drawing.


How do I download my bib number and finisher certificate? 

Click here to visit your Profile. From there, you will see "View Digital Bib", "Submit Virtual Results" and other options on the right panel of your registration page. You must be logged into your RunSignUp account to access this.

How do I add or update my shipping address? 
Click here to update your address.  

Log into RunSignUp
Go to your Profile
See your events under Upcoming Events
Click on "Manage Registration"
Click on the "Shipping" menu item at the top of the page and update your shipping address

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