Sat September 15, 2018 Washington, DC US 20007 Directions

The Radiators

The Radiators

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Group/Team Details

Race Date Saturday September 16, 2017
Created Date Friday August 4, 2017
Group/Team Type Team
Group/Team Size No Limit
No. of Members 58
22 Male; 36 Female

Group Members

Name Gender Location
Raymond C. M Washington, DC
Beverly B. F White Plains, MD
Eric K. M White Plains, MD
Marissa M. F White Plains, MD
Chase M. M White Plains, MD
Lisa A. F Washington, DC
Pamela R. F Bowie, MD
Darron (DJ) J. M Bowie, MD
Leah B. F Bowie, MD
Keisha D. F La Plata, MD
Ema K. F Silver Spring, MD
Donna O. F Accokeek, MD
Ricky O. M Accokeek, MD
Rodney P. M Bowie, MD
Mola O. M Silver Spring, MD
Ti-Hesia J. F Capitol Heights, MD
Layana T. F Capitol Heights, MD
Antonio J. M Capitol Heights, MD
Ashley P. F Alexandria, VA
Ima P. F Washington, DC
sally s. F Arlington, VA
daniele t. M Arlington, VA
Shaunda B. F District Heights, MD
Corey B. M District Heights, MD
Matthew F. M Arlington, VA
James J. M DC, DC
MUSTAPHA B. M Washington, DC
CLAUDE B. M Washington, DC
JANETTE R. F Hyattsville, MD
AMAURY R. M Hyattsville, MD
Rosanna C. F Washington, DC
Adam D. M Washington, DC
MICHAEL G. M Washington, DC
Joshua G. M Odenton, MD
Michael R. M Arlington, VA
Samantha S. F Arlington, VA
Jonathan L. M Washington, DC
David H. M Washington, DC
Paul P. M Springfield, VA
Ana D. F Springfield, VA
Florence T. F Sandy Spring, MD
Marissa R. F Bowie, MD
Taghrid N. F Manassas, VA
Barbara Z. F Rockville, MD
Kimberly P. F Rockville, MD
Rose P. F Rockville, MD
Krystal T. F Greenbelt, MD
Shante T. F Accokeek, MD
Tiffany C. F Accokeek, MD
Rosaline T. F Accokeek, MD
Barbara R. F Accokeek, MD
Dorthey W. F Accokeek, MD
Nicholee N. F Hyattsville, MD
GLORY D. F Springfield, VA
Violeta L. F Springfield, VA
Agnieszka C. F Arlington, VA
Amelia C. F Arlington, VA