St. Vincent's SWIM Across The Sound

Sat August 1 - Mon August 31, 2020

Team Centrix

Total Distance in Miles: 4,357.184 miles
Virtual 15.5 Challenge Result Set 1 - Team Results: 1 Team Results
Virtual 15.5 mi. Challenge Result Set 2 - Team Results: 1 Team Results

Sorry, you can no longer join this Team.

Group Members

Name Location Total Distance in Miles
Bill D. Shelton, CT 93.41 miles
Stephanie D. Orange, CT 80.5 miles
Antonella P. Shelton, CT 82.05 miles
Donna R. Shelton, CT 57.3 miles
Debi N. Shelton, CT 252.04 miles
Bill M. Ansonia, CT 315.75 miles
James B. Shelton, CT 102 miles
Janiece J. Shelton, CT 0
Christina V. Shelton, CT 0
Robert n. Shelton, CT 20.6 miles
Peter K. Shelton, CT 193.99 miles
Denise C. Shelton, CT 120 miles
Greg M. Shelton, CT 32.5 miles
Dan B. Shelton, CT 25.15 miles
Robin B. Shelton, CT 130.96 miles
Sandy G. Shelton, CT 67.57 miles
Matt C. Shelton, CT 19.61 miles
Jeanette M. Shelton, CT 0
Sergio R. Shelton, CT 111 miles
Gloria R. Shelton, CT 0
Sabrina J. Shelton, CT 30 miles
Mike L. Shelton, CT 211.479 miles
John E. Shelton, CT 20.68 miles
Andrei E. Shelton, CT 265.915 miles
Barbara N. Wilton, CT 160.96 miles
Rylan N. Plainfield, IL 0
Mark N. Plainfield, IL 1,141.5 miles
Tammy N. Plainfield, IL 17.93 miles
Reece N. Plainfield, IL 97.6 miles
Emma D. Orange, CT 10.52 miles
Jeren L. Shelton, CT 89 miles
Katie G. Shelton, CT 28.13 miles
Paul F. Shelton, CT 205.6 miles
Barrett H. Shelton, CT 17 miles
Aimee V. Shelton, CT 77.82 miles
Rich O. Shelton, CT 65.5 miles
Peter C. New Haven, CT 19 miles
Mark N. Plainfield, IL 0
Sarriyah H. Valhalla, NY 27.88 miles
Samir K. East Meadow, NY 166.24 miles

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