2017 10K Series

2017 Series

Series Leaderboard

Male Results

Name Gender Age Hometown Points
1 Brian Gladysz M 51 Louisville, OH US 402
2 Al King M 57 Ashland, OH US 327
3 Fred Craig M 62 North Canton, OH US 294
4 Richard Strain M 49 Canton, OH US 287
5 John Furniss M 54 New Philadelphia, OH US 287
6 Howard Wise M 68 New Philadelphia, OH US 266
7 Mike Johnston M 40 Canton, OH US 265
8 Jeff Marsh M 52 Massillon, OH US 253
9 Bob Floor M 47 Minerva, OH US 246
10 David Gallegly M 49 Uniontown, OH US 244
11 Bob Chittenden M 74 Wooster, OH US 235
12 Richard Albaugh M 79 New Philadelphia, OH US 214
13 steve neading M 45 Strasburg, OH US 200
14 Jeff McKelley M 52 CANTON, OH US 196
15 Cole Morris M 17 Massillon, OH US 195

Female Results

Name Gender Age Hometown Points
1 Karen Marsh F 44 Massillon, OH US 330
2 JaDee Podis F 42 Canton, OH US 261
3 Lori Marmon F 42 Canton, OH US 247
4 Tyra Hanle F 43 Canton, OH US 239
5 Milisa Strain F 47 Canton, OH US 222
6 Cheryl Staley F 59 Dover, OH US 215
7 Nikki Swiger F 52 Louisville, OH US 210
8 Becky Morris F 35 North Canton, OH US 198
9 Beth Woodward F 41 Orrville, OH US 198
10 Teresa Ferguson F 49 Akron, OH US 197
11 Catherine Slayman F 22 Beach City, OH US 194
12 Emily Shaub F 28 North Canton, OH US 193
13 Sara Farnsworth F 36 MINERAL CITY, OH US 192
14 Erin Doherty F 34 Massillon, OH US 187
15 Elsa Cave F 46 Canton, OH US 184

About this Race Series

In 2017 the OCS will be divided into 4 separate Series.   The 10K Series will be made up of over 5K and up to and including 10K.   Your top 4 race will count in the 10K Series.   You may run more than 4 with the higher scores replacing the lower scores.   Individuals can be scored in one, two, three, or all of the Series.   You just must complete the required number of events necessary in each grouping.   Each event part of the 2016 OCS will only have one distance included when multiple distances are offered.   (All official walking events that are scored will be included).

Points have been simplified and you are scored ONLY in your Gender and your Age Group (no overall-this is to make women & men scored equally).   For Gender the top 100 in each gender will be scored and the top 25 in each age group will be scored.   100 for first, 99 for second, 98 for third, etc.   For the age groups 25 for first, 24 for second, 23 for third, etc.     

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this race series or it’s scoring, please use the following E-mail address:

Included Events

Spring in Your Step 10K

Saturday March 25, 2017
Massillon, OH US

Union Hospital Run for Home Community Fitness Festival

Saturday April 1, 2017
New Philadelphia, OH US

11th Annual Mother of All Races 10K, 5K Run, and 5K Speed Walk - sponsored by Lindsay Precast Inc.

Saturday May 13, 2017
Canal Fulton, OH US

Louisville Area YMCA 10K & 2 Mile Race

Saturday June 17, 2017
Louisville, OH US

40th Annual North Canton YMCA July 4th Race
North Canton YMCA July 4th 5-mile Race

Tuesday July 4, 2017
North Canton, OH US

42nd Annual Twin Sizzler - Medina, Ohio
10k Run

Tuesday July 4, 2017
Medina, OH US

First Crush 5K
5 Mile Run/Walk

Friday August 18, 2017
Dover, OH US

Alliance Rotary Castle Run
10K Run

Monday September 4, 2017
Alliance, OH US

Ohio Swiss Festival Cheese Chase

Saturday September 30, 2017
Sugarcreek, OH US