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2018 Series

Series Leaderboard

Male Results

Name Gender Age Hometown Points
1 Doug Shryock M 35 25
2 Brian Story M 36 24
3 Jeffrey Friess M 42 23
4 John Fiore M 56 Missoula, MT US 22
5 Shaun Radley M 35 Missoula, MT US 21
6 Seth Swanson M 39 Missoula, MT US 20
7 Joren Nabozney M 20 19
8 Bjorn Nabozney M 49 18
9 Jesse Doll M 38 Missoula, MT US 17

Female Results

Name Gender Age Hometown Points
1 Lizzy English F 35 Missoula, MT US 25
2 Allison Onstad F 42 24

About this Race Series

Series Points and Leaderboard:

Each race will earn you points in your category: Heavy Metal (heavier non-race specific equipment) or Lightweight (light, race specific equipment).

Points will not carry over categories if you race different categories throughout the season (sorry, it's a too time consuming and tedious to keep track of that).

Your 3 best races will be used to calculate points. If you do all 4 races, your best 3 races will score.

Scoring System: 

Top 24 each night get placement points. 25th place and higher get a participation point if you complete 1 lap and cross the timing mats.

1st place gets 25 pts, 2nd place 24 pts, 3rd gets 23 pts, etc. 25th place and higher get 1 point. 

Results and Other Category Leaderboards

Results and other cat leaderboards for races can be found at

Registration and more info about race:

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this race series or its scoring, please use the following E-mail address:

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