RunSignUp Protected API

Protected API

Some API calls require a protected_api_signature parameters in the URL. These are protected APIs. To access these APIs, please contact us at to get and ID and signing secret.


These are used to generate the protected_api_signature in API requests. The signature should have the format <ID>.<UNIX Timestamp>.<Nonce>.<HMAC Hash>. The <UNIX Timestamp>portion must be within 5 minutes of the current time on the RunSignUp servers. The <Nonce> portion must be 8 random alphanumeric characters that are unique within a 15 minute interval. The <HMAC Hash> portion is the SHA1 hash (in hex) using the HMAC method of the string before this value (including the period just before). In PHP, this would be:

$id = …;
$secret = '…';
$nonce = …;
$sig = $id . '.' . time() . '.' . $nonce . '.';
$sig = $sig . hash_hmac('sha1', $sig, $secret);
echo $sig;

Signature Generator (For Testing Only)

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