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Location: NEWARK, DE US 19711-7333

Fusion Running Club is made of a group of people who enjoy the sport of running, want to meet new people, and understand the importance of giving back to the community.

Your membership also has benefits.  

When you join FRC you will have the choice of picking from a FRC singlet or performance shirt. (Shirt colors are black with white lettering)

You will also receive special discount codes for Fusion Racing's signature events such as the Hangover Helper 5K, Fusion Inclusion 5K, Fusion 5 and Dime, Main Street Mile, Run for Pie 5K, and the Santa Cause 5K. (a minimum savings of $30)

Members of FRC receive a 20% (in store) discount to the New Balance store located at 1271 Churchmans Rd, Newark, DE 19713 (near the Home Depot)

Fusion Running Club also has a private Facebook group where you can ask the experts about running advice, find locals to run with, or share your PR's.

We look forward to having you as part of FRC.

Nic DeCaire

Fusion Racing - President

P.S. Just like a Fusion Racing event, I am sure there will be a great party or two for FRC members.

Membership Levels

Fusion Running Club - New Club Members

Maximum Number of Members Included in Membership: 1

Membership Options

12 Month Membership: $35.00
Club Officers
Name Title E-mail Phone
Nic DeCaire founder 3027384580
Club Contact Information
280 East Main Street Suite 118
NEWARK, DE US 19711-7333
Phone: 3027384580

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Running Club Members - Testimonials

Where do I start? I have met some incredible runners that I now call my friends. We cheer each other on and give each other encouragement! We hug, even after a 10 mile run in 90 degree temps! And even if I didn't get a discount on Fusion runs I would still join! Love all our new friends! - Deb Buenaga

Enter the all comers welcome zone. Everyone here is an elite runner in their own personal way. No judgement, no weight, age, or pace minimum requirements.  - Deb Uff

Fusion Running Club is just fun!!! Great people, great support and great runs. Lots of smiling friendly runners ready to welcome you.  - Kathy Belardo

I joined the Fusion Running Club to learn from the experienced runners in the group but it has turned out even better. The camaraderie and running spirit among the FRC members has been contagious!"
Here is the truth: Before joining the FRC, I ran only five 5Ks and the Main St. Mile. EVER. Since joining, I have run ~12 5Ks, 5 mile and 10 mile. Not to mention several training runs longer than 5Ks. I am signed up for another 9 races and contemplating a HALF. Transformative!  - Mike Janis

I signed up for FRC because I've only ever run 5K races and I'm not even in shape to run that without walking. But I've found a family of people who care about me and support me no matter what my time or how good or bad I do. They cheer on the simple fact that I signed up and completed a 5 mile race in July!! Love everyone ??  - Alexa Pierce-Matlack

I am part of FRC, and I don't even live in the same time zone. I used to belong to my local running club in Oklahoma City, which is, in itself, absurd since I don't actually enjoy running with people. I joined the club in OKC because they have a program that allows disabled children to ride in a modified wheelchair, and my son Stephen was invited to be a part of that program. After that experience two things happened. First, Stephen wanted to run with me every chance he could, and then the running club wanted a report for their newsletter. Over the coming months, it became clear to me that the club wanted to use this activity to promote their "good deed" and use my son and others as mascots. Outside of asking Stephen to ride, I literally had no contact with anyone in the club. I met (only online) Deb Markley Buenaga after I read about her experience and race in July of 2015. After that, I met Nic DeCaire. As I read more and more, and then saw the start of Fusion Inclusion, I realized that these people didn't view others as mascots, but as simply another participant. They live their lives in a way that helps people every day, and don't look to be celebrated for doing what should come naturally to people. That means the world to me. I see FRC as an extension of this concept––that running is open to all, and I mean all, abilities. I don't know when I'll get out to Delaware, but I hope to some day soon and run with everyone. If I do, I promise I'll enjoy a big group run or race.  - Erik Heine

Club Membership Discounts

As a member of this club, you can get discounts for the following races: