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Location: Hackensack, NJ US 07601
General Membership Information

Membership in the  Friends is entirely separate and apart from membership in the Library, and is designed to give people a chance to provide financial , advocacy or volunteer support for the Library.  The Friends was formed as a New Jersey non-profit corporation in September, 2018, and is in the process of applying for recognition by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization. Once approved by the IRS, that approval will be retroactive to September 2018, and all contributions will be deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.  

For anyone joining in 2019 we will automatically renew your membership to include all of 2020!

Membership Benefits.  We are still developing the benefits that will be applicable to the different levels of membership, and will do our best to make them available retroactively to those members joining in 2019.  At a minimum, we expect benefits to include updates about programs and events, and that members will be given priority in registering for events. 

RunSignup, processing fees and privacy. We are using the RunSignup platform for the Friends' membership and events websites  because RunSignup makes its club membership and event registration platforms available free in exchange for collecting a processing fee on all financial transactions, including membership fees, donations, and event fees.  (If an event is free there is no processing charge). In order to make membership as affordable as possible, the Friends are absorbing one-half of the processing charges for memberships.  We would welcome an additional donation to cover those costs.  

Although the Friends does not require Gender and Date of Birth information, the question is included in the RunSignup registration process. It is not a required field, so feel free to skip it.  

The Friends will not share your personal information with anyone other than the Library and RunSignup. RunSignup's privacy policy is available at  RunSignup Privacy Policy


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