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Location: Okemos, MI US 48864

What is the Team Playmakers Men's Training program? We are men of all ages who want to walk, walk/run or run to continue being healthy and strong. The training and clinics provided will focus on fitness and well-being.

Who is this program for? All men who want to start moving or continue to move! You may be challenged by walking a half mile, or are comfortable walking or running three miles.This team is for athletes of all abilities.

What do I get with my membership? Team Playmakers gear; ability-appropriate calendar; coaching support; an invitation to attend two group training sessions each week,  weekly Tai Chi; an in-store discount coupon; training-related clinics; entry into our goal event and a weekly newsletter. The intangible things you get are hard to measure, but Team members tell us that the continued support, motivation, and encouragement along with building new healthy minded friendships, are what they value most.

When and where is the training held? Training sessions will be held at different locations throughout the year.  Each session the locations will be identified and shared with the team.

How fast does everyone run? Will I be last? We have a wide range of abilities --- from experienced runners to new walkers. At the training sessions, Team members will be placed into a pace group with other Team members who have a similar pace and ability. Chances are you won’t be last and how fast you are is not what matters. We are proud of the fact that we truly welcome ALL abilities!

Will I get help with my running or walking form? Playmakers offers FREE weekly Good Form Running, Good Form Walking, and Good Form Movement classes.  You will receive reminders of the availability of these classes in the weekly email, The Monday Message.  For dates, times and to register, go to:, click on “Good Form” and choose your option.  You will be directed to the Playmakers online event calendar.

Can I walk some and run some during the training and races? Yes! Many runners take planned walking breaks during their runs (walking at regular intervals often allows a runner to stretch their distance.) Walkers may also choose to run a bit during their walk to use different muscles. The only time a walker isn’t allowed to run is in a race with a “walking only” division.

What should I do if I get injured? With the first twinges of training-related pain you should consider the Free Playmakers Injury Clinic, held every Wednesday, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., at Playmakers.  Physical therapists and MSU Sports Medicine professionals are on hand to help you get back on the road to healthy training.  The Clinic is free for anyone (you don’t have to belong to Team Playmakers to visit the Injury Clinic.)

Do I get any individual coaching? There are coaches at every session to offer advice and support! Also, pace leaders work with each group. Coaches are also responsive to email and will get back to you with answers to any question. If you’d like to talk face to face about your training, you can set up a one-on-one with a coach.

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