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Number of Donations: 26 Total Donations: $835

La Puerta Abierta is an early learning center and lending library in rural Guatemala. From their website: "La Puerta Abierta is funded completely by the generous donations of individuals and groups around the world who believe in our project. Donate now to help us empower the children of Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala and make a difference in their lives. All donations are tax deductible and will go directly to our projects for our program operations."


Raised By 26 Donors

$305on behalf of Laura Rosenberg
$100on behalf of Louise Roman and Matt Bernstein
$50on behalf of Andrea Kelly-Rosenberg
$50on behalf of Noah Rosenberg
$25on behalf of Andrew Mairena
$25on behalf of Christopher Flood
$25on behalf of Katie Oconnor
$25from Anonymous
$25on behalf of Paul Houmann
$25on behalf of rob boudewijn
$25on behalf of Sarah Cairo
$25on behalf of Wolfgang Wendler
$10on behalf of Ana Cristina Gadala-Maria
$10on behalf of Cassie Sano
$10on behalf of Emily Linde
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of George Reardon
$10on behalf of Johnicholas Hines
$10on behalf of Kate Strebe
$10on behalf of Marcus Alomar
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Rachael Essing
$10on behalf of Samantha MacCallum
$10on behalf of Susan Miesfeldt
$5on behalf of Joseph Mendolla
$5from Anonymous

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