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Goal: $75,000 Number of Donations: 37 Total Donations: $3,005

We are excited to be a part of the the Run For It Charity Program for the Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic 10k for the sixth year in a row! 

The Kelly Gibson Foundation is a community driven charity dedicated to improving the lives of those who live in New Orleans and the surrounding areas with an emphasis on supporting children’s athletic programming, first responders and military initiatives.

Kelly Gibson Foundation, formerly known as Feed the Relief, was founded by Kelly and Elizabeth Gibson in September of 2005 with the idea of providing necessary support for the front line first responders to Hurricane Katrina. In the days and weeks following the disaster of the storm, Feed the Relief provided support to the Coast Guard, EMS personnel, police and fire departments, community centers, hospitals, and residents as they returned to their homes. In addition to responding to Katrina, Feed the Relief has also supported initiatives benefiting military personnel as they return home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We have broadened our focus to include children's programs with an emphasis on enrichment through athletics. Through our efforts, we have seen many lives in the New Orleans and Gulf Coast community change for the better.

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Raised By 37 Donors

$300on behalf of Keith Gibson
$300on behalf of Michael LaLa
$250on behalf of Roger Goddell
$200on behalf of Roger Goodell
$200on behalf of Roger Goodell
$100on behalf of Ace License & Title
$100on behalf of Bill Morrison
$100on behalf of Christine Christine
$100on behalf of Jace Gohres
$100on behalf of Jim Thurman
$100on behalf of ken daigle
$100on behalf of Roy Lissarrague
$100on behalf of Sir Guido Merkens, OBE
$100on behalf of Traci Iwamoto
$75on behalf of Federico Federico
$75on behalf of LESTER DEES
$50on behalf of Alan Alvarez
$50on behalf of Alan Rovira
$50on behalf of Daveed
$50on behalf of Elwin Draughon
$50on behalf of Jennifer Turner
$50on behalf of Pat Browne Jr.
$50from Anonymous
$50on behalf of Tim Tim
$50on behalf of Timothy Bailey
$30on behalf of KGF
$30on behalf of KGF
$30on behalf of KGF
$25on behalf of Ashley Rosenberry
$25from Anonymous
$25on behalf of Guidoette Loo
$25on behalf of Paul Glahn
$25on behalf of Terri Burke
$20on behalf of Frank Cousart
$10on behalf of Lori Lorentz
$5on behalf of Heather Lalonde
$5on behalf of Ryan Martin