Raised of $15,000


New Orleans Family Justice Center operates as Orleans Parish’s designated service provider for domestic violence and sexual assault. Last year alone, our compassionate, trauma-informed team of experts assisted nearly 2,000 individual children and adults with trauma counseling, safe housing, medical advocacy, legal aid, financial assistance and education and employment services, as well as a spectrum of alternative healing modalities that include yoga, reiki, art therapy, singing, movement and dance. 

All proceeds raised from the 2019 Crescent City Classic will benefit FJC's Camp HOPE America - Louisiana program. Camp HOPE is the first evidence-based camping and mentoring program in the U.S. for children exposed to domestic violence. With your help, FJC will send 40 youth to one week of camp and a year of mentoring to mitigate the effects of trauma and offer pathways to healing and hope. 

View the Camp HOPE video to see how your support impacts the lives of children and families in New Orleans.

Participants that run for charity receive unique perks including:

  • Special edition CCC10k t-shirt and bib
  • Prime starting location behind seeded runners, and
  • Access to air-conditioned restrooms at the start and Michelob Ultra RaceFest!