Rocket City Microthon

Sun September 22, 2019 Huntsville, AL US 35805 Directions

0.12K "Runner's" Package

2:00PM CDT - 4:00PM CDT

Slacker's Package

2:00PM CDT - 4:00PM CDT


Registration is now closed, but we will have some registrations available at the race, limited to the shirt sizes we have left.  Sure the donate button still works - try it out!!! Also please like/follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see pictures after the race and keep informed of next year's event. We have more registrations than last year and are able to provide even more to Merrimack Hall for Special Needs Arts Education thanks to YOU. 


The Rocket City Microthon is the most (the only?) prestigious event for the least elite non-athletes. Put on your numbered bib (just like the real racers!) and run, walk, crawl, skip, roll - whatever it takes to get across the 0.12K Butler Green at Campus 805 and claim your coveted Finisher's Medal (aka bottle opener) and oval "0.12K" sticker to let other drivers know "Hey I'm better than you." Don't let all the fun tents with cool stuff along the course distract you from your goal - visit them on your way to redeem your golden ticket at a participating Campus 805 brewery or restaurant! Maybe put on your race T-shirt first so everyone will be impressed with your non-athletic prowess. 

Not convinced this is the event for you? Check out last year's SOLD OUT fantasticness at these sites: WZDX News and LauchPadHsv.

You did it last year and think "whew, now I can cross Microthon off my bucket list"? Not so fast buster. This year's event is going to be even bigger, even better than last year. Remember the joy you felt when the Merrimack dancer put that finisher's medal around your neck and signed your bib? You can have that again. Last year you did it for the challenge, just to see if you could. Now you know you can, so the stress is off - enjoy the race, or better yet, buy the slackers package.  You can still join in on the dance circle.

One golden ticket not enough? Add our Golden Ticket package and get two MORE golden tickets (be sure to download the Uber or Lyft app before you come). Hopefully you'll figure out that this package is tickets ONLY, not race registration and all the accompanying swag. Feel free to just buy this if you just want to consume while watching the race. You will be presented with the option to buy 2 more golden tickets when you register for the race or the Slacker's Package. Buy the extra tickets! Tickets can be used at Straight to Ale, Yellowhammer, Earth & Stone Wood Fired Pizza, Hops & Guac, and Offbeat Coffee Studio (maybe we'll sweet-talk more vendors into taking the tickets) and are worth $6 each, and valid on the day of the event only (2pm-6pm).

0.12K too much for you? Would you consider 383 feet? No? Oh well, then the Slacker's Package is for you. You get all the swag and none of the sweat. Sure, it's double the price but if I know you, you'll pay anything not to have to run. Hit that Donate button again if the price isn't high enough to assuage your guilt.

Think you're not ready for an 0.12K? Then plan to like our Facebook page for our "Recliner to 0.12K" ('cause that 'other word for sofa to 5K' is copyrighted and they are a snippy bunch) training program led by Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp coach Joe Martin. RSVP to our event and share it on your own page - everyone will be impressed with your athletic ability (especially those who never learned their metric system). You can also check out our training videos at our YouTube page here (we suggest you follow the link, instead of searching YouTube for "Microthon", as just one more letter in there gets you videos having to do with people not wearing a lot of underwear):

What's the point of all this? Do you NEED a point to enjoy a fall Sunday afternoon of festivities and beer at Campus 805? Fine, then check out the Merrimack Hall section below - all funds from the event go to provide arts education (dance, drama, creative writing, visual arts, arts summer camp, yoga, etc.) to special needs children, youth, and adults. There's a LOT of awesomeness going on at Merrimack. Why not hit the "donate" button above and add a little somepin somepin?

Interested in sponsoring or helping out or know someone who has a lot of money they want to give us? Check out those sections below as well.

You only fit into ONE T-shirt size and it's not XL? Register by September 9 to ensure you get the T-shirt size you order. It takes 10 days to get shirts made people!

A few tips:

  • There are 510 parking spaces at Campus 805, and registration is open for 400 people. You rocket scientists can do the math. Why not carpool or Uber/Lyft/taxi there and make it easy on yourself? Then you can buy more Golden Tickets.
  • Please don't drive after you drink. Uber/Lyft/taxi is way cheaper than a DUI.
  • Registration is limited to 325 "runners". That's a lot of elite non-athletes moving across Butler Green at the same time, we think maybe two people holding a jump-roap might not be an effective starting line strategy. So we are having runners sign up for one of four "corrals" or times to run. But there won't be any corral-Nazis out enforcing anything, so help us out by spreading out the start times. And how about spread out the times you show up at the registration tent too? Better yet - come Saturday for packet pickup 12-6 at Yellowhammer!
  • Don't drink beer? You're probably skinnier than us. Plus, you can use your golden tickets for non-alcoholic beverages and food at Yellowhammer Brewery, Straight to Ale, Earth and Stone Wood Fired Pizza, Ale's Kitchen, Hops and Guac, and Offbeat Coffee Studio. The ticket is worth $6 but you don't get change if you spend less. And you pay if you spend more. Cause we can do math.
  • Please please please please please please please tip your servers. They make a little from the golden tickets but are willing to put up with a crowd of athletes on a runner's high.
  • Did we steal this idea from Boerne, Texas? Yes of course. We're not that original.
  • We will have packet (your T-shirt and golden ticket(s)) pickup the day before the event, at Yellowhammer Brewery from 12-6. 
  • What if the weather's bad? Then basically you are getting the Slacker's Package for half the price - you get all the swag and you don't have to run. Put on your shirt and undeserved finisher's medal and cash in your tickets enjoy yourself inside Campus 805. In other words, no refunds.
  • We have to order the T-shirts two weeks before the event, so if you register after that, it's possible (nay, likely) that you'll get a choice of large or extra large (if you name is Spalding, you'll get nothing and like it). So please register by September 9. The first person to find the race director on race day and tell them who Spalding is gets an extra Golden Ticket.
  • Regular race registration is limited to 325, but there's no limit on the Slacker's Package (or the Golden Ticket (aka Beer Drinker's) packages!) so if you can't get in to race, you can still get all the swag. Pickup your packet on September 21 between 12 and 6 at Yellowhammer, or if you enjoy lines and confusion and disorganization, the day of the event at the registration tent.
Butler Green at Campus 805
2620 Clinton Ave W
Huntsville, AL US 35805
Race Contact Info
If you have any questions about this race, please contact the race director at

Thank you 2019 Microthon sponsors. And we are still adding more! Your business's logo could be here too!


Interested in Becoming A Sponsor?

Interested in sponsoring The Rocket City Microthon (and who wouldn't be)? We really need you 'cause $25 doesn't actually cover t-shirts, bottle openers, and vanity stickers. There are opportunities to have your logo on our frequently-appearing-in-everyone's-clothes-rotation T-shirts, or perhaps across the top of one of the sure to be oft-visited tents along the course (sponsor our silliness, or set up your own demo/display/sales), or whatever awesome idea you may have. Sponsor the Finishers Medal, and and every time a finisher opens a cold beverage they'll see your logo! (aww too bad Canvas already took this option) For a mere $100 you can have a personalized sign somewhere along the "length" of the course - encourage your favorite non-athlete in their great endeavor to complete the Microthon. Got an even better idea? Contact Lesley Burnette at




Want to help hand out Finisher's Medals to the amazing non-athletes as they struggle, gasping, across the finish line? Are you good at video production and would document the event? Maybe you'd like to dress up like a naughty nurse and staff the first aid tent, or you've got an idea for another sort of fun R&R tent? Or you're just DYING to pick up trash after a 300 person event? Then we can help. We can give you that "I did something good for someone" feeling and it won't cost you a THING (but maybe 4 hours of your time). Please contact Contact Lesley Burnette at


All money raised by The Rocket City Microthon will directly benefit children, youth, and adults with special needs through Merrimack Hall. Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Huntsville, Alabama. Their mission is to provide visual and performing arts education, and cultural activities, to children and adults with special needs and to provide quality professional entertainment to the community.  Merrimack Hall’s Arts Program provides year-round, comprehensive arts education and social and cultural opportunities to children, teens and adults with a range of physical and intellectual disabilities.


Camp Merrimack



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