American Perimeter Trail Project

#americanperimetertrailproject Any City - Any State, PA 99999 US

Q:Can I be out of state to run this event?
A: Anyone in the USA can do this event! 

Q: How do I record my miles? 
A: You will record your miles on a website.  You can do it daily,  or you can do it once a week. 

Q: What types of miles count?
A: You can Run, Walk, Runwalk, hike or any way on foot you can to get the miles. It's your challenge, as long as you are purposefully moving and logging miles, it counts. 

Q: Do I have to run/walk outside?
A: You can go outside, inside, on your roof, in your basement, treadmill, or around the house.  Any way you can get your miles in, count!

Q: Do my miles count from before the start date of my challenge? 
A: No, Only miles you do from the time window of the event count.

Q: Can I run/walk multiple times a day? 
A: Yes, breaking your miles up several times a day counts too! 

Q: My smart watch calculates my total miles from my steps, can I use those? 
A: No, you can't use the total miles in 1 day.  You can only count miles with a set start time and stop time.

Common Trouble Shooting Questions For Recording Miles

Q: I made a mistake on entering my results, how do I change it.
A: In this example, you can go in and overwrite the mistake.  Don't just enter it again correctly, you have to overwrite the incorrect data.

Q: I entered my results but I don't see them in the listing.
A: The results take a few minutes to update.  If it has been a few minutes, double check you are looking at the correct race.  There is a drop down box called Result Set - choose that to switch between events. The default is the boardwalk challenge. If you still don't see your results, see the below post on being anonymous.

Q: My wife/friend/mother/daughter registered me, how do I move that to my account?
A: Here is a link to and article on How to move a sub-account to another user.  Follow the section titled: Transfer Sub-Account To Another Existing Account  

Q: I am listed as anonymous in the results, why? 
A: When you create an account, you have an option to be listed as anonymous in results.  If you do not want this, go into your   profile and click to edit profile.  You will see a check box at the bottom that you want to UNCHECK to be listed again.  

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