Best Damn Race Florida Challenge

Mon June 1 - Mon November 30 Any City - Any State, FL 99999 US



FAQ's about Running & Tracking 

Q: Do I have to run, walk or cycle every day, or can I break it up?

A: You can break it up however you like. Daily, twice a day, and take days off. Your choice.


Q: How do I keep track of my mileage?

A: This is an honor system. But ideally you use a GPS watch or phone to track your workouts. Overall winners in each event will be required to show proof of time for any prizes that may be offered. 


Q: Can I run and bike together?

A: No. You need to pick run/walk challenge or cycle challenge. Whichever challenge you pick is the only workouts that you should input. It's great if you cross-train, but for the sake of the challenge, you need to pick one or the other. 


Q: Do treadmill miles count?

A: Yes. (for the run/walkers)


Q: Do elliptical, step climbers, spin bikes, rowers count?

A: Nope.


Q: Can I count my daily steps?

A: Nope.

Rules on Running & Walking:

Miles that count toward the challenge are miles that are designated workouts. i.e. does not include counting your steps throughout the day at work/home.
What does count is if you go out for a 1 mile walk with a specific start and finish. You can also combine your walks & runs.

Example: 3 mile walk + 3 mile run = 6 miles for that day.


Q: Does a trainer (cycling) count?

A: Yes, as long as you have an odometer or some kind of way to track your millage correctly. (cycling challenge only)


Q: When can I start logging workouts?

A: Solo Run/Walk (1000K or 300K) on 6/1/20. Teams and Cyclists on 6/15/20.


Q: How to enter/track my miles.

A: Enter them HERE.


Q: Do I log miles or kilometers?

A: Miles, please.


Q: Where are the checkpoints (mile markers)


  • Daytona International Speedway (122.5 Miles)
  • Kennedy Space Center (190 Miles)
  • South Beach (416 Miles)
  • Key West at southernmost point (621.3 Miles)


Teams of 2 or 4

Q: How do I sign up my team correctly? 


Step 1. The Team "leader" signs up for the category of "team of 2" or "team of 4"

Step 2. You can choose to "add a participant" at the same screen and add them to the same "team of 2" or "team of 4". (aka register them at same time at no extra charge) OR You can just register yourself, then send them a link to join your team (at no charge). The "leader" is the one paying for the team's entry. The other team members can reimburse the leader for their portion (if desired). 


Q: How does it work for TEAMS of 2 and 4 to Log Miles

A: You will each log your runs individually the same way solo runners do. Your miles will then be combined with your teammate(s).


If you want a tutorial on how to manage your team CLICK HERE.


Q: Where can I find Team Results

A: Click Here


Q: How much do I/we need to run to make the cutoff?


  • Solo 1000K Run or Walk = 4.2 Miles average per day
  • Team of 2 Run or Walk 1000K = Average just over 2.2 miles per day (each)
  • Team of 4 Run or Walk 1000K = Average just over 1 mile per day (each)
  • Solo 300K Run or Walk = Average just under 1 mile per day.
  • Solo 1000K Cycle = Average 4.6 miles per day.


FAQ's about checkpoints, badges, swag, & referrals.

Q: When do we get our stuff?

A: Shirt (within 21 days of registration), Digital Badges (when you reach your check points), Medal & Patch (7-14 days* after completion of your challenge). Please note that medals and patches are in the process of being produced. No medals or patches will be shipped before August 1st.


Q: Does each team member get all the swag?

A: Yup!  Each member gets their own shirt, medal, badges, and patch! 


Q: How do I refer people and get referral refunds?

1. Register.
2. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a unique referral link. You can copy and past this link from (a) your confirmation page screen at the end of yoru registration, (b) your confirmation email, (c)  you can resend your confirmation email from you Runsignup account and get the link.

3. Get 3 friends to sign up using your unique referral link and you will automatically receive up to a refund of $15.00. Boom!
4. Get 6 friends to sign up and you get up to $15 more!
5. Get 9 friends to sign up and you get up to $15 more!

But wait... Theres more!

We are giving way $500 for anyone that gets 50 referrals! Yes, $500 cash for 50+ referrals!


  • The referral has to signup with your unique referral link. You cannot email us "after the fact for credit" saying "i referred someone and ask for them to be added to your total.
  • It has to be 50 unique transactions. AKA.. Any combo of 50 solo registrations and 50 team registrations.
  • The RunSignup system automatically keeps track and refunds the first $15-$45 automatically.
  • Don't email us constantly for updates. We will pull reports weekly and post. We will post top referrers here in the FB Group.
  • If you are a team leader, you qualify for the $45 rebate rebate of your $65 or $99 entry.
  • If you are a teammate who signed up for $0 because your team leader paid, you can still share your link for the $500!

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