Black Diamond Triathlon

Sat July 30, 2022 Enumclaw, WA 98022 US Directions


The swim starts on the beach.  Deep Lake is typically colder than surrounding lakes.  We anticipate temperatures in the 70's.  Both full or sleeveless wetsuits are recommended.  PLEASE WARM UP IN THE WATER.  You may warm up on the course before the start or to the left of the swim start.  The course is clockwise around large triangular buoys. 
Swimmers will start in waves by gender and division. Those wave times will be found on this page as they are determined or on the Schedule.
MARKINGS: Large swim buoys  will designate the swim course. Kayakers, Lifeguards, and members of the Tacoma Maritime organization and their vessels will be positioned on the water to support the swimmers throughout the swim portion of the event.


WATER TEMPERATURE: Water temperature is expected to be around 70 degrees. The temperature will be taken leading up to the race. A full wetsuit is typically recommended.



Educate yourself about the course.   Study the map.   Know where you'll start, finish, and which buoys you'll be turning at.
Swim in Open Water at least a few times prior to the race.  Putting your first open water swim off until race day isn't the best strategy if you're nervous (though we see it every year!)    Go swim with friends at a calm, quiet lake or go to some organized training swims before your race offered by a local swim or triathlon club.


Wear a Wetsuit    Wetsuits are  warm, buoyant, form-fitted life preservers.  They will keep you on the surface of the water, keep you warmer,  and give you confidence.  They also make you faster!  If you don't have a wetsuit, you can rent one or buy one at  Northwest Tri & Bike.​
​​Start from the back or off to the side     The start area of our race is very wide and you can start as far back as you like.  There's no need to be in a tight pack of other swimmers when you start.  And it's just fine to let everyone else go when the gun goes off, and you wait 10-15 seconds for everyone to get out of YOUR way.  
Swim Slow - HUH?  If you find yourself feeling anxious during the race, slow down!   Bringing down your heart rate will also calm your anxiety.  Take deep, slow breaths. 
Stay Calm and Think positive    The lake is beautiful and devoid of carnivores.  The seaweed never comes near the surface.   Tell yourself you're having fun  and focus on your stroke.   It will inevitably end with you smiling and puffed up with accomplishment.  
Use the Water Support Personnel .  You are welcome to hold onto a kayak for support (as long as you don't make forward progress while holding on). If you need to rest, rest!  If you need to gather your courage, that's fine too.  Our kayakers are looking for you and want to help.  Don't hesitate at all to call one over to you or make your way over to them. 
We Want you to Cross the Finish Line.  No matter what
It's important to us that you have a great finish line experience to celebrate all the hard work you've done getting to the start line.  Occasionally we have athletes that aren't able to complete the swim or decide they aren't up to getting into the water at all.  If that's the case for you on race day, we want to keep you racing. Come find a member of the race staff and we'll get you going on your bike safely and when it makes the most sense.
If you're in the water swimming and for whatever reason are unable or unwilling to  make it to the swim finish, alert a kayaker or other water support person.  Either a kayaker will help escort you back, or they will have a boat to you in a matter of minutes who will bring you aboard and back to shore.   When you get back to shore, you'll be welcome to continue  onto the bike course if you're eager to stay in the race and get to the finish line. You deserve it!



The bike course is OPEN to traffic and on race day you are held to the same standard as you would be on a regular bike ride.  
Stay in the shoulder whenever possible.   Do not ride in the lane of traffic unless an obstacle or the lack of shoulder prevents you from doing so.  Generally speaking, the shoulders are generous and there shouldn't be a problem staying within them. 
Rules on the Bike Course 
 This race is sanctioned by USA Triathlon. All USAT rules will apply. Find the   Cycling Rules HERE.  Please read the rules so you know what not to do  on   race day! Some of the most important rules are:
Pass other cyclists only on the left
-Do not cross the center line under any circumstances
-Do not draft (maintain 3 bike lengths between yourself and the bike ahead of you)
-Do not Block another cyclist
-Drift back when you are Overtaken:  When the front wheel of another cyclist passes your front wheel, you must let them pass and get 3 bike lengths ahead before or if you attempt to re-pass
-Do not throw trash on the bike course

Police Officers will be stationed at any corner where vehicles need to be slowed or stopped for rider safety.  Their job is to monitor and control traffic (not athletes!). Volunteers will be positioned at all significant intersections. Their job is to encourage you and make sure you're going the right direction. RTB volunteers are rabidly dedicated to these tasks - follow their directions!   Athletes are required to be alert and obeying all rules of the road to avoid any preventable mishaps on the course. 
Bike Mechanics will be onsite on race morning to make minor repairs or adjustments for bikes in ride-able condition.  Please bring a bike to the race that is prepared for race day.   There will also be support on the bike course to help fix flats, make minor adjustments, or offer assistance back to transition. It's important that you're prepared to fix a flat or put a chain back on. 


The Long Course and Olympic Runs exit the park and head south toward Enumclaw on Veazie-Cumberland Rd. The road are open to traffic and you must pay attention to vehicle traffic for safety.  There will be aid stations approximately every mile.  It's a slightly rolling course - no major ups or downs and beautiful scenery.  When you return to the park, you'll finish with 4 laps around Deep Lake.  The entire Sprint run is 2 laps around Deep Lake.  
The trail around the lake is hard-packed gravel. Trail shoes aren't necessary. Your fastest road running shoes will do just fine. 
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